Safeway Monopoly Game 2017 – Win $200 Million in Cash and Prizes 2/8 – 5/9

Safeway Monopoly Game

Safeway Monopoly Game – Shop, Play Win

Safeway Monopoly is back in 2017!  Starting February 8th the game boards and Monopoly tickets will be available at Safeway and Albertsons stores.  The tickets will be given out until 5/9 and you can play online through 5/24.  The prizes have gone up to $200 million this year!  There are three $1M cash prizes available as well as a $1 million vacation home, a new car, home makeover, grocery gift cards, and cash prizes.

See below for details on how to play Monopoly at Safeway, the game board, the game pieces, how to play online and more!  Each week we will highlight the Monopoly game bonus ticket items on sale in the Safeway Weekly Ad Preview and in the Safeway Sale and Coupon Matchups.

How to Play Monopoly at Safeway:

1.  Pick up a Monopoly Game Board at your local Safeway store.

2.  Every time you shop at Safeway, you get a game ticket.  You will also get an additional “bonus” game tickets by purchasing specially tagged products. Inside the game tickets, you will find 4 game markers, and either a Special Discount Offer, Online Game Code, Instant Win Prize or 2 free Game Tickets Coupons.

3.  Tear the tickets at the perforated lines and find the matching code on the Monopoly board. Wet the glue strip on the back of the official game markers and place on the exact corresponding prize area. Do not use glue or tape.

You can also play Monopoly online through 5/24 with the online game tickets.  Certain game pieces will have a online game code which is a 16 alpha-numeric code that you will be able to enter at  NEW this year – you can download the Monopoly app to scan your online game codes, which is so much easier than typing them in online.  See details below.

Monopoly Game Board:

Safeway Monopoly game Board

Monopoly Game Tickets:

safeway monopoly game pieces

Safeway Monopoly Prizes:

# of Potential Winners and Prizes
3 – $1,000,000 Cash
3 – $1,000,000 Vacation Home
15 – $100,000 Cash or Luxury Car
25 – $40,000 Home Makeover
25 – $35,000 Vehicle of Your Choice
50 – $20,000 College Tuition
50 – $10,000 4-Wheeler
50 – $10,000 Family Vacation
50 – $5,000 Cash
50 – $5,000 Groceries
100 – $1,500 Gas Grill & Groceries
100 – $1,500 LED HD TV
100 – $1,000 Cash
100 – $1,000 Grocery Gift Card
100 – $1,000 Laptop Computer
350 – $500 Grocery Gift Card
600 – $300 Smart Watch
750 – $200 Family Picnic
750 – $200 Cash
2,500 – $100 Grocery Gift Card
2,500 – $100 Cash
5,000 – $50 Grocery Gift Card
10,000 – $25 Grocery Gift Card
10,000 – $25 Gift Card Mall
10,000 – $25 Cash
10,000 – $25 Fandango Gift Card
25,000 – $15 Grocery Gift Card
37.500 – $10 Grocery Gift Card
37,500 – $10 Cash
800,000 – $5 Grocery Gift Card
800,000 – $5 Cash

New this year, you can download the Shop, Play Win app from Google Play for Android or the iTune App Store to quickly and easily manage all your online game pieces.  Simply register and you can scan the online game bar codes to determine if you are an instant winner.  You may also receive some Nikelodean game pieces and can win prizes including coloring books and online game credits from Nikelodean.

Monopoly Online Game Tickets and Monopoly App:

Monopoly App

Online Monopoly Game Pieces


If you play, you’ll quickly notice that there are some rare pieces that you’ll try to find to score the big prizes.

Rare Monopoly Pieces:

Prize Rare Pieces
$1,000,000 Cash 8Z07G, 8Z08H
$1,000,000 Vacation Home 8Y14F, 8Y16H
$100,000 Cash or Luxury Car 8E82B8E85E
$40,000 Home Makeover 8D86A, 8D87B
$35,000 Vehicle of Your Choice 8C91A, 8C93C
$20,000 College Tuition 8B99D, 8B00E
$10,000 4-Wheeler 9A03B, 9A04C
$10,000 Family Vacation 9B07A9B10D
$5,000 Cash 8F77A
$5,000 Groceries 8G75C
$1,500 Gas Grill & Groceries 8H72D
$1,500 LED HD TV 8J66B
$1,000 Cash 8K64D
$1,000 Grocery Gift Card 8L57A
$1,000 Laptop Computer 8M54B
$500 Grocery Gift Card 8N51C
$300 Smart Watch 8P47C
$200 Family Picnic 8Q41A
$200 Cash 8R40D
$100 Grocery Gift Card 8S34B
$100 Cash 8T32D
$50 Grocery Gift Card 8V27C
$25 Grocery Gift Card 8W21A
$25 Gift Card Mall 8X18B
$25 Cash 9C15D
$25 Fandango Gift Card 9D16A
$15 Grocery Gift Card 9E22C
$10 Grocery Gift Card 9F26C
$10 Cash 9G31D
$5 Grocery Gift Card 9H32A
$5 Cash 9J37B


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* Please note – Savings information is based on Colorado pricing and the Safeway Coupon Policy for the Denver Division which includes Colorado, Nebraska, New Mexico, Wyoming and South Dakota. Your market may vary. *



  1. Whitney says

    Hi all I’m looking for someone to share the million dollar prize with. If you have 8Z08H. I have all other in the 8z category. if you are willing to split the million please email me! Or contact me on Facebook at Whitney Johnson (stertz).. there are two really rare z’s 8Z07G and 8Z08H. I’m looking for the second rare one!

  2. Yolanda Olson says

    I was an active player at last years Monopoly game. I found it so frustrating that i and my friends were denied certain codes because we lived in Hawaii instead of Washington and Colorado where all the winner came from. How do we know this will not happen again?!!!

  3. Nugget says

    I don’t understand where the 2nd chance sweepstakes code (upper right corner of game piece)is suppose to be entered? I’ve searched everywhere for info. Does anyone know?

  4. says

    What can you do, if you get an instant winner but have no need for that instant winner? Not saying what it was on here, but would appreciate a email. Thanks.

  5. Barrie Riddoch says

    I was able to scan some Monopoly pieces with the app on my iPad. When I tried another day it failed. It appeared to scan okay but it never registered.

  6. Robert Allen says

    I have one of the two rare pieces for the $1,000,000 vacation home (8Y16H). I would like to share the prize with someone who has the other rare piece (8Y14F). If the Safeway monopoly people monitor these messages, I would like them to answer a couple of questions.

    First, is there a prohibition from two strangers with companion rare pieces for a prize getting together to share the prize?

    Second, I notice that the prize described with the ” * ” for this $1,000,000 vacation home is an annuity over 30 years of $33,333.33 per year. There are 3 prizes in this category. Is the annuity really the prize which can be used for a vacation home or whatever the winner wants?

    Third, I have some security concerns about publishing contact information or meeting with people who allegedly have the other missing piece. Is there some safe way that two people with companion rare pieces can combine their pieces to share the prize without having to meet (i.e., some type of escrow holder either connected with the Safeway monopoly game or not)?

    • daniel kofman says

      Hi, I’d love to split with you. Your are so generous and we really need more people like you. Please contact my email at so we can possibly exchange info through skype or something.
      Let me know.

  7. P says

    I am missing these pieces. Will share prize(s) with those who might have these pieces.
    8Z H
    8Y F
    8C C
    8E B
    8F A

  8. Ty says

    I have 9A04C for the 10,000$ 4×4 which is one of the rares, if someone has 9A04B the other rare we would split the prize with you or perhaps work something else out, please write me. Thanks!

  9. krishneal says

    so i won 165 bonus tickets took it to safeway she brought me regular monopoly pieces are the bonuses the same as the original or was i suppose to receive 165 separate bonus ticket i have hundreds of the same pieces except for the rare pieces how can i acquire this , also after a few hundred online entrys it limited me to enter codes for monopoly nowhere in the rules or faqs does it state there is a limit with the amount of tickets i had i was sure to win progressive jackpot why was it blocked from me entering in more codes

    • Super Safeway says

      There is no limit for the online codes and the bonus tickets are the same as the regular monopoly tickets.

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