97¢/lb. Northwest Sweet Cherries at Safeway (Save 76%)


Sweet Cherries Coupon

Cherry season is in full swing and what better way to celebrate than with a HOT sale on Northwest Sweet Cherries!

Safeway has the cherries on sale for just $2.97/lb. right now through June 30th.

This is already a phenomenal price point, but it gets even better this weekend with a new Just for U Digital Coupon available Friday through Sunday for $.97/lb cherries!

  • Northwest Sweet Cherries on sale for $2.97/lb. through June 30th


Recipes Using Cherries:

Grilled Cherry, Goat Cheese & Arugula Flatbread

Creamy goat cheese, tart cherries, peppery arugula, and a sweet honey balsamic glaze is an explosion of summer flavors with this grilled cherry, goat cheese & arugula flatbread.  It’s a perfect ode to summer where you can get fresh cherries and arugula.  Get the recipe here: Grilled Cherry, Goat Cheese & Arugula Flatbread With Honey Balsamic Glaze



Grilled Cherry Crisp

Celebrate the cherry season with this Grilled Cherry Packet recipe. Made on the grill or in the oven with cherries, butter, maple syrup, orange juice, ice cream and a homemade Graham Cracker Crumble, this versatile recipe is perfect for summer evenings! Get the recipe here: Grilled Cherry Crisp



Grilled Cherry Crisp

Cherry Cheesecake Popsicles

Tart yet sweet cherries are the star of this cherry cheesecake popsicle recipe.  Creamy and refreshing – it’s the perfect dessert for a hot summer day! Get the recipe here: Cherry Cheesecake Popsicles


Cherry Coconut Lime Hydrator

Active families will fall in love with our Coconut Cherry Lime Hydrator. Muddle some cherries, squeeze in some lime juice, add coconut water and pour over ice. It’s perfect in a glass on your patio or in a grab-and-go water bottle.

Get the recipe here: Cherry Coconut Lime Hydrator


Cherry Vanilla Smoothie

Prepare to fall in love with the refreshing taste and vibrant color of our Cherry Vanilla Recovery Smoothie. Loaded with antioxidants and quality protein, this is a perfect post-workout snack. It also makes a great fruity breakfast! Get the recipe here.



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4 thoughts on “97¢/lb. Northwest Sweet Cherries at Safeway (Save 76%)”

  1. I totally agree with Barbara, Once I could just Click to add coupons to my purchase, but even then it wouldn’t work most of the time and I would have to go to Customer Service on every trip to Safeway. The Digital coupons were changed and we have to show them on our phone and I didn’t have it on my Cell I do everything on my PC. At 71 and shopping at Safeway for nearly years I am having a very difficult time with the Digital Coupons to the point where often, I won’t even bother to go to Safeway. We Seniors need ” HELP ” Thank you.

  2. I am 86 years old. I hate all the aggravation of the various offers, deals, rewards, and reduced time.
    Just print the darn coupons in the paper and forget the electronic (excuse me) Bull Crap!

  3. I’ve been having the hardest time with getting Safeway just 4 U.It’s not like it used to be, did you change it?
    I used to use it aall the time and then I gave up. Now you have digital coupons which I thought were cut out coupons. I cut one out because I thought I was supposed to.I wish you’d give us old…er people the ccoupons to cut out and stop making everything so hard. I don’t have wi fi, I don’t have a fancy phone, I have just a jidderbug cell phone only for calling if I break down. Please give us older generation a break. Barbara Pifer

    1. Hi Barbara, Yes Safeway updated their website earlier this year, but you can still access the Just for U Digital Coupons and load them to your Safeway Club card through the website.

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