Hot Holiday Ribeye Roast Sale – Just $5.47/lb. at Safeway, Save 63%

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Ribeye Roast Sale

Safeway has Colorado Angus Beef USDA Choice Bone-in Ribeye Roasts, otherwise known as Prime Rib on sale for $5.47 per pound with  Safeway Digital Coupon through December 25th.  Without the digital coupon, the whole roast sale price is $7.99/lb. 

This price is for the whole ribeye in the bag, which is about 20 lbs. of beef. 

You can cut it into a roast or steaks for the freezer.


Alternatively – if you want a smaller cut for your family, you can get a Signature Cut Oven Ready Ribeye Roast on sale for just $7.47/lb. through December 25th.  The Safeway butcher will hand-cut and tie your roast to whatever size you need. 

The Signature Cut roast also comes with a pop-up timer so you’ll know when the roast is perfectly medium-rare. 

How Much Prime Rib to Buy?

You should plan on one pound of meat per person – so for 5 people, a 5 lb. roast is perfect. 

A Ribeye Roast is a large, tender, and flavorful cut of meat that normally goes for $14.99 per lb. so you are saving over $9 per lb. or 63% on meat for your holiday roast. 


Recipes for Ribeye Roast aka Prime Rib

Holiday Prime Rib Recipe for Ribeye Roast Sale at Safeway

prime rib recipe

Prime Rib Roast with Red Wine Cherry Sauce


Peppered Ribeye Roast Recipe With Roasted Garlic Sauce




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* Please note – Savings information is based on Colorado pricing and the Safeway Coupon Policy for the Denver Division which includes Colorado, Nebraska, New Mexico, Wyoming and South Dakota. Your market may vary. *

6 thoughts on “Hot Holiday Ribeye Roast Sale – Just $5.47/lb. at Safeway, Save 63%”

  1. Lari-anne Milosavljevic

    Why is this coupon not available in the Seattle – Everett, Washington State area. For those of us on a very limited budget like less than $800 a month this would be incredible to be able to have such a wonderful cut of meat for my Holiday. Thank you for your time, stay safe & Happy Holidays

    Lari-anne Milosavljevic

    1. Hi Lari-anne, Safeway/Albertsons has 13 divisions nationwide, each with its own ad and offers. The pricing is determined by each division based on the competitiveness of the market, availability of products, transportation costs, etc. Here in Colorado, the beef doesn’t have far to travel to get to the store, so they can discount it greatly. You’ll want to check your local ad and app for the best deals in your market.

    1. Hi Marilou – the coupon is linked above in the post. Safeway has 13 divisions across the country, so if the offer doesn’t show up for you, you may not be in the Denver Division, which SuperSafeway supports. The Denver division includes CO, WY, NM, NE and SD. But this offer is specific to Colorado as I understand it.

  2. Why are you posting an ad that is from December 2017? Very misleading. I asked my local Safeway about it and had never heard of it. Now I know why…it’s an ad from 2017!

    1. Hi – this post is from 2017. The prime rib pricing will be released the week before Christmas and we will update the post accordingly when it is available.

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