New McCormick Coupons and 25% off Sale, Save up to 40% on Spices, Extracts and Food Coloring at Safeway

McCormick Coupons

McCormick Coupons and Sale

The savings stars have aligned on McCormick Spices and Herbs at Safeway this week.  There are three new McCormick coupons available to pair with sales at Safeway.

Select red cap McCormick spices are 25% off.  The green cap gourmet spices are also on sale for 25% off, so you should also be able to use the coupon on the green cap spices as well.  Print the new $1.00 off 2 McCormick Spices Coupon and you can save on chili powder, oregano, nutmeg, cinnamon, red pepper flakes, cumin and more!  See below for a few sale examples, but be sure to print the coupon and use on whatever spices you need for upcoming meals or to replenish your spice and herb collection.



Please note – these might say “available at Walmart” when they print, but they are manufacturer coupons that can be used at Safeway.

There is also a new McCormick Extract or Food Coloring Coupon available.   Be sure to print it to save on food dye for those Easter eggs!  Check out how to make colorful Easter eggs using shaving cream here.

The extracts had been on sale for $2.49 in February, now the extracts are on sale for $4.99 through May 26th.  I would still print the coupon and wait for a better sale price in April for Easter baking, or use it now if you need extracts this weekend.  Or use it to save on vanilla extract as that rarely goes on sale and is an essential for all baking!





Check out the newest printable coupons available for extra savings from Safeway here:

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