WOW – Silk Oatmilk Just $.49 With Sale and Coupons at Safeway


Silk Oatmilk Coupons and Sale

Where are my plant-based milk fans?  If you haven’t tried the new Silk Oat Yeah Oatmilk, now is a great time to buy it and try!  The Silk Oatmilk is on sale for $2.99 through April 28th.  Pair with a digital Just for U Coupon for $1.00 off 1 Silk Oat Yeah Oatmilk and you’ll pay just $1.99.  BUT the offer gets even better when you pair with a cash back offer from ibotta for $1.50 off 1 Silk Oat Yeah Oatmilk.  Youcan actually get 2 cartons for just $.49 and save $4.00 over the base price of $4.49!

I love to make oat muffins and I’ve been using the Silk Oatmilk to do it – it doesn’t add any flavor, just acts as a perfect binder and liquid for the muffins!  I use apples, oats and blueberries to make my oat muffins and the kids eat them all up!

Be sure to read all about the new Silk Oatmilk in our review post here.    If you like chocolate – be sure to pick up the chocolate oatmilk as it is divine!

Oat Yeah is dairy-free, soy-free, and nut-free, so it’s perfect if you are trying to incorporate more plant-based foods into your diet. Because it’s nut-free, it’s also a great option for non-dairy drinkers with nut allergies.

Silk Oatmilk Coupon Details

  • Silk Oat Yeah Oatmilk on sale for $2.99 through April 28th (buy 2)
    • Load Just for U Digital Coupon for $1.00 off 1 Silk Oat Yeah Oatmilk (2 coupons available)
    • and submit Ibotta Cash Back offer for $1.50 off 1 Silk Oat Yeah Oatmilk (can be redeemed 2 times on one receipt)
    • Final Price = $.49



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