Bourbon Brothers Southern Inspired Ready to Eat Meat Entrees – New at Safeway


Bourbon Brothers Southern Inspired Ready to Eat Entrees

Great food and chef pride go hand-in-hand at the Bourbon Brothers Smokehouse and Tavern in Colorado Springs.  The iconic restaurant brings their delicious southern-inspired, small batch handcrafted meat entrees to the shelf at your local Safeway.

The new Bourbon Brothers Premium Cuts Entrees are available in six mouth-watering options including Smoked Pulled Chicken in a Tangy BBQ Sauce, Smoked Pork Chile Verde, Smoked Pulled Pork in a Tangy BBQ Sauce, Yucatan-Inspired Pulled Pork With Citrus and Spices, Cajun Style Chicken Breast in a Creamy Cajun-Style Sauce, and Chicken Marsala in a Creamy Mushroom Wine Sauce.

The entrees are available in microwaveable trays that are ready in just 3 minutes for your enjoyment of southern-inspired cooking without slaving over a stove or smoker all day.

The new southern-inspired proteins have the classic recipes that you crave, and the perfect twist on traditional dishes that are sure to satisfy.  Use the entrees as your main protein and add a quick and easy side like tortillas, rice and beans, pasta, a side salad, or a simple bun for a sandwich.  A delicious dinner can be on your family’s table in under 10 minutes when you only have to prepare a quick side dish to pair with your heat and eat meat entree.



I have partnered with Bourbon Brothers to review the entrees and share my thoughts with you here.   As a busy household of five, mealtime can be a chore, so it’s nice to have these restaurant-quality meat entrees available for a quick weeknight meal.

My family loved all of the meals we sampled.  Their favorite meals were the pork Chile verde, followed by the BBQ pulled pork and BBQ pulled chicken, the cajun style chicken, the marsala chicken then the Yucatan pork.   We were impressed at how much flavor each entree contained with minimal processing and super clean ingredients, with nothing artificial in the packaging, and ease of preparation.

Bourbon Brothers Premium Cuts Smoked Pork Chile Verde Sauce

  • Savory pulled pork simmering in a spicy green Chile verde sauce – this meal was my husband’s favorite – he loves green Chile and loved the heat in the sauce.  We served this meat in tacos with an avocado, tomato and grilled corn salsa and it was a fabulous meal on the table in under 10 minutes!
  • The ingredients include fully cooked pulled pork, sugar, spices, Chile pepper, green Chile, tomato, salt, and onion among other spices and natural flavors
  • Each 3 oz serving contains 100 calories, 12 grams of protein, 2 carbs, 510 mg. of sodium and 5 grams of fat.


Bourbon Brothers Premium Cuts Smoked Pulled Chicken in Tangy BBQ Sauce

  • Perfectly seasoned smoked pulled chicken in a savory BBQ Sauce, perfect for BBQ sandwiches with a side of slaw and chips or pickles.  My kids went crazy for the BBQ pulled chicken and couldn’t get enough.
  • The ingredients include smoked pulled chicken thighs, seasonings, barbecue sauce, onion powder, apple cider vinegar, molasses, garlic, chili powder, anchovies and natural flavors among other ingredients.
  • Each 3 oz serving 90 calories, 11 grams of protein, 6 carbs, 350 mg. of sodium, and 2.5 grams of fat.


Bourbon Brothers Premium Cuts Cajun Style Chicken Breast in a Creamy Cajun-Style Sauce

  • For a truly down-home southern style meal, this cajun-style chicken was absolutely delicious.  The sauce is creamy with a kick from the cayenne pepper and slightly tangy from the cream and lemon juice.  Serve with a side of dirty rice or over pasta for a complete meal.
  • This entree is made with fully cooked chicken breasts, a cajun-style cream sauce, butter, molasses, anchovies, lemon juice, and cayenne pepper among other ingredients.
  • Each 3 oz serving contains 310 calories, 10 grams of protein, 0 carbs, 80 mg of sodium and 6 grams of fat.

Bourbon Brothers Premium Cuts Yucatan-Inspired Pork Seasoned with Citrus and Spices

  • A unique flavor combination of tangy citrus and savory spices like cumin, cinnamon and cloves make for a mouth-watering shredded pork entree.  I loved the citrus, clove and cinnamon flavors, but my kids were expecting a BBQ flavor so they were surprised at the citrus flavor in of the pork.  I paired with roasted sweet potatoes and black bean tacos topped with guacamole and it was like a flavor explosion in my mouth!  Use the meat to make tacos, a burrito, a burrito bowl or to top a cilantro rice for a complete meal.
  • This entree is made with all natural shredded pork, orange juice, achiote paste (annatto seed, spices, vinegar, salt water, granulated garlic, cornmeal), lime juice, garlic powder, onion powder, Kosher salt, cumin black pepper, oregano, cinnamon and cloves among other ingredients.
  • Each 3 oz serving contains 210 calories, 23 grams of protein, 7 carbs, 370 mg. of sodium and 10 grams of fat.

Bourbon Brothers Premium Cuts Smoked Pulled Pork in a Tangy BBQ Sauce

  • Your classic smoked pulled BBQ pork entree with tender pulled pork in a savory BBQ sauce.  Perfect on a bun with slaw and pickles.  It’s delicious.
  • The ingredients include fully cooked smoked pulled pork, salt, cane sugar, spices, chili pepper, barbecue sauce, apple cider vinegar and molasses among other ingredients.  (See the packaging for the full list)
  • Each 3 oz serving contains 120 calories, 12 grams of protein, 6 carbs, 470 mg. of sodium and 5 grams of fat

How to Prepare Bourbon Brothers Meat Entrees

To prepare the meat entrees, simply remove the paperboard sleeve from the tray and microwave with the plastic film for 2 1/2 to 3 minutes.  The film inflates while cooking, helping the meat steam in the packaging so that it does not dry out.  Remove the film, stir and enjoy.  Southern cooking in a matter of minutes with slow roasted flavors that taste like you’ve been smoking the meats all day.


The meat entrees are available in all Safeway stores in the Denver Division and can be found in the meat case with the prepared meats and heat and eat side dishes.  The entrees retail for $7.99, and they are on sale for $6.99 through August 4th, which is a great value for the 14 oz package which contains 4.5 3 oz servings.  I was able to serve 4 sandwiches and tacos out of each package.

This is a sponsored post by Bourbon Brothers to introduce you to the new line of prepared meat entrees available at your local Safeway.  As always, opinions are our own and we encourage and appreciate your support of the brands that make this site possible.

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9 thoughts on “Bourbon Brothers Southern Inspired Ready to Eat Meat Entrees – New at Safeway”

  1. Chicken Marsala : tastes like any roast chicken with gravy. Good, not great, and not inspiring. I buy this product approximately once per month.

    Smoked Pork BBQ : salty sure, but the overpowering flavor is chili powder. No smoke flavor, no brown sugar flavor to speak of other than the thickness of the sauce. The good news is it’s real pork and not much sauce or filler/extender like Jack Daniels and the other precooked BBQ in every grocery store. I would not buy this again unless there are no alternatives to BBQ within 50 miles.

  2. Samuel Ammirato

    Had the Bourbon bother pulled pork and found it inedible. Wanted Jack Daniel’s pulled pork but they were out and tried this. Way too salty. Couple bites and threw it away.

  3. Are your frozen entrees Gluten free? If not certified, are you careful to clean equipment between batches with gluten?

    1. I believe they are but I’ve asked the brand to be 100% certain. I will reply as soon as I hear back. I think the pulled pork and shredded chicken are gluten-free.

  4. It would have been nice to add a “caution – spicy” disclaimer to your Chicken with Buffalo Sauce entree. I tried to eat one of those, and it was so spicy that I was pretty sure I would get a very bad stomach ache if I tried to finish it. Unfortunately, it’s chicken, and I’m sure you know that chicken should not be stored and reheated. As a result, I had to throw away half the entree.

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