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How to save more money with the Safeway For U Coupons

The Safeway Just For U program has been rebranded to Safeway for U.  It’s Safeway’s grocery savings and loyalty program with exclusive member perks.  By having an account on or through the Safeway app you can save money on your grocery shopping at Safeway and Albertsons.

Just for U synchronizes with your Safeway loyalty card or your phone number to show you Safeway weekly ad sales, digital coupons, and loyalty rewards for extra savings.

The Safeway for U app also displays personalized prices based on your shopping history at your store. Before heading off to the store, load your personalized prices and digital coupons to your Safeway for U account or through the Safeway app.

As you shop, it’s easy to check items off your list and take advantage of the deepest discounts on your shopping trip.

Watch a video where we talk all about 10 ways to save at Safeway using the Safeway app and Safeway for U program here:



Safeway Just for U Coupons

How Safeway for U Works

The digital coupons available on the Safeway app are primarily manufacturer coupons that are deducted at face value after these offers are loaded onto your Safeway for U account.

These offers and coupons are tied directly to your shopper loyalty card and when you enter your phone number at checkout, the discounts automatically come off your final total.

The images below are examples of what the NEW Safeway mobile app looks like. You can download Just for U from the App Store or Google Play.

safeway app home screen

just for u coupons in new safeway app


Here is an example of some of the latest discounts available on the Safeway App. Simply visit the Safeway for U site, or download the Safeway app to add these offers.


safeway for U coupons


Just for U Gas Rewards

Safeway Reward Points are easy to earn by purchasing qualifying groceries, gift cards, and pharmacy items with a Safeway Club Card, and are easy to redeem at participating Safeway fuel centers.  For every 100 points earned by shopping at Safeway with a Safeway Club Card, shoppers get a 10 cent per gallon reward. Shoppers can use up to $1 dollar per gallon in rewards on a single fill-up at a participating Safeway fuel center location, with a maximum of 25 gallons and a limit of one vehicle per transaction. Reward Points can be earned by shopping at Safeway stores in the following manner:

  • For every $1 spent on qualifying grocery purchases, customers receive one point.
  • By purchasing qualifying gift cards, shoppers receive two points per $1 spent.
  • For qualifying purchases made at the pharmacy, customers receive one point for every $1 of out-of-pocket cost, including co-pays.

Customers redeem their Rewards by simply swiping their Safeway Club Card, or by entering their phone number at the pump before fueling up.  Read more about Safeway Gas Rewards here.

Safeway for U Grocery Rewards

The Safeway for U Grocery Rewards program allows you to earn reward points to use towards free groceries and cash discounts.  You can use the reward points for savings on gas, but if you do not have a Safeway fuel center nearby, then the grocery rewards program will be a better option for you to shop and save at Safeway.

Your reward points are visible in the Safeway app and you can redeem the points by adding the offers to your account before checkout.

Similar to the gas rewards program, for every 100 points you earn, you get 1 Grocery Reward that can be redeemed for free groceries or cash off offers.  $1 = 1 point, so for every $100, you get 100 points, which = 1 Grocery Reward.  There are also times when Safeway has 2x, 3x, or 10x rewards points promotions and offers, so it’s easy for the points to accumulate quickly! 

You can check your Safeway account under the Member page in the app for extra chances to earn points.

Read all about the Safeway Grocery Rewards program.

Can Safeway for U offers be stacked with other coupons?  

The answer is it depends.  Many Safeway for U offers are one-time Store Coupons which are price point offers, in which case you CAN stack with a manufacturer coupon.  So – you would load the offer to your Just for U account and then also present a manufacturer coupon during your transaction.  Just watch your minimums and limits when stacking.

How to stack coupons with the Safeway for U App

  • Load the store coupon offer onto your account
  • At checkout, present the manufacturer’s coupon to your checker

The Just for U offers that say MFG coupons are already manufacturer coupons and cannot be stacked with any other coupons.

If you ever have any questions about stacking a Safeway for U coupon with a manufacturer coupon, just ask in the comments below, on our Facebook page, or by sending an email to [email protected].


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* Please note – Savings information is based on Colorado pricing and the Safeway Coupon Policy for the Denver Division which includes Colorado, Nebraska, New Mexico, Wyoming and South Dakota. Your market may vary. Prices may vary per location*


7 thoughts on “Safeway for U Coupons”

  1. Catherine Lipscomb

    I would like to see you dispense with all these gimmicks and just offer fair prices to EVERYONE! Not everyone has a smart phone and in the case of Seniors, knows how to navigate this stupid system. I just spent a lot of extra time “clipping” digital coupons in the store and did not get the coupon price. I think this practice is discriminatory against people of modest means, Seniors and people with visual impairment. Please consider getting “back to basics”.

  2. I’ve had a Safeway account associated with my landline for 20 years. I just recently downloaded the Just for U app and gave my cell phone number. So, if I download a coupon to my cell phone, should I use my landline or cell phone number when I check out?
    I downloaded the coupon for crab to my cell phone. When I check out, I entered my cell phone number on the key pad, and I didn’t get the $3.99 per pound price on the crab. How should I handle this?
    Are you able to look up my record?
    Thank you for any help you can give.

    1. Hi Virginia,
      In the Safeway app under Member, click on Account along the top navigation. Then click on Personal Info. It will show you your contact phone number and the phone number used in store for the deals. You can edit the phone number used in-store from this screen should you wish. Please let me know if this helps. Most important is to be sure you add the deals to your account from your app before you shop. Sometimes the wifi in grocery stores is not the best and if you load the offer while in the store, it may not work.

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