Campbell’s Soup Coupons – Only $.25 for Condensed and $1.00 for Well YES!


campbell's soup coupons

Campbell’s Soup Coupons – Pay $.25 for Condensed and $1.00 for Well YES!

Wow, oh wow – what an awesome price on cooking essentials! I’m glad I held off a week on using my soup coupons, it’s going to pay off. Head over to Safeway where you’ll use your Campbell’s Soup coupons – only $.25 for condensed and $1.00 for Well YES! after the deal. That means you’re looking at saving up to 82% on condensed soups and 67% on Well YES! soup, awesome! The sale prices are valid September 20th – 26th.

Campbell’s Soup Coupons and Sale

If you buy 6 – you’ll pay $.33 each

campbell's soup coupon

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2 thoughts on “Campbell’s Soup Coupons – Only $.25 for Condensed and $1.00 for Well YES!”

  1. Does not the 80/4 coupon double to 100/4? Thus making final price for the condense soups $0.25 (vice $0.30)? Or has Safeway stopped doubling coupons under $1.00?

    Asking, because after yesterday at King Soopers where two different stores told me they would no longer accept ANY internet printed coupons (and one even said they would not take a Catalina coupon printed at King Soopers!) I would not be surprised to see doubling end at Safeway.

    1. Yes! It was an error. I caught it while doing the matchup and just updated the post. Thank you for your note! Safeway is still doubling coupons. No need to be concerned about that going away.

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