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I wanted to let you know of some directional changes we are making to Super Safeway starting next week.  While we LOVE finding the best deals and sharing them with you, we also love providing valuable content that is relevant for longer than a sales cycle.  The goal after all is to create a sustainable business model that allows us to continue spending our time finding the deals to share with you.  The more organic and repeat traffic we can drive to the site, the more time we can spend finding deals for you!  So with that in mind, we will continue to bring you all the best deals, but we will also be focused on original content creation like recipes, videos, money saving tips, meal planning how to’s, new product launches and new product reviews at Safeway.   We feel that Safeway has so much more to offer than just great deals, and we have so much more to offer by educating you on how to navigate Safeway, find new products your family will love, create meals from ingredients on sale and of course help you save money.

New to Super Safeway:

  • Product Reviews and New Product Launches
  • Custom Created Recipe Tutotials and Videos
  • Money Saving Tips, Meal Planning, Couponing Tips and more
  • Minor site redesigns to enable a more user-friendly experience

As a mom of three, I understand the pain points of getting a healthy meal on the table every night.  As an entrepreneur, I understand what it’s like to be on a budget and have to coupon to save.  I’m still not, nor will I ever be an extreme couponer, but I do save on average $80 a week at Safeway by shopping the sales, using Just for U, clipping or printing a few coupons.  That equals over $4000 in savings a year and I’m happy to share my tips with you so that you too can save money, meal plan and feed your family healthy meals!

How can you help? 

We LOVE engagement!  A comment on a post, a like on a Facebook post, even a share, these are all ways that help us know we are providing content you want to read and deals/recipes you want to know about.   With Facebook’s latest algorithm changes, pages like Super Safeway are affected the most.  Not only will you not see our posts on Facebook, without engagement, we will not be able to grow our site or followers.  So – tell a friend, tell two, engage with us to let us know what you like, don’t like, ideas you have for content, etc.   We expect our Super Safeway Facebook Group to become more active and we welcome you to start sharing deals in there!  We are not the only experts out there, and if you’ve found a deal that we’ve missed – let us know!

Monthly Giveaways

What happens to the monthly giveaways?  We’re changing it up and we are going to tie the $50 Safeway Gift Cards to new product launches and product reviews.  So – we will still be giving away $200 in Safeway gift cards every month, but you may have to read every product review and comment on that post to enter to win.

We hope you are on board for the ride because we know we’re in unchartered waters, but we are confident that it will all pay off in the end!  Let us know if you have any comments/concerns below.


Eva, SuperSafeway


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  1. yes, I will try to remember to leave comments once in awhile. I get so excited about my grocery list, I just forget. Thanks for your efforts. They are so appreciated. Myrna

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