Duct Tape Coupon, Pay as Low as $0.24

Duck Tape Coupon

Duck Tape Coupon, Pay as Low as $0.24

Yeah, the crafty side of me is so excited by this great deal. I love using fun tape for various projects – tri-fold wallets, flower pens, dry erase goal boards, and the list can go on-and-on! Head over to Safeway and use your Duct Tape coupon, pay as low as $0.24 after the deal. You’ll save up to 90%! These sale prices are valid through August 22nd.

What are some of your favorite crafts that call for Duck Tape?

Duct Tape Coupon and Sale

  • Duct Tape 18.8 yd. $2.49 through 8/22
  • Duct Tape 5 yd. $1.24 through 8/22
  • Duct Tape Disney $3.49 through 8/22
  • Duct Tape EZ Start Tape as low as $1.99 through 8/22
    • Print and use $0.50/1 Duck Tape – sign up required.
    • Final price = as low as $0.99Duck Tape Coupon



Duck Tape Coupon



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4 thoughts on “Duct Tape Coupon, Pay as Low as $0.24”

  1. The coupon is for DUCK brand duct tape and the sale is on GORILLA brand duct tape (at least it was in the Safeway I went into on South Broadway off Alameda). Please check the deal again. I think you were mistaken.

    1. Hi Lynn, Looking back at Jennifer’s pictures they definitely say DUCK tape on the shelf tags. I purchased 3 rolls for my kids to wrap their text books next fall and the DUCK coupon worked on the DUCK brand for me. The store on Alameda and Broadway was a former Albertsons, so it’s possible that they carry different items. I would try another store.

  2. Shouldn’t the first one (the 18.8 yd one) have a final price of $1.49? If the starting price is as listed, $2.49, then the 50 cent coupon doubled would only take a dollar off, thus $1.49. Still seems a good deal, but there’s a math error there.

    Thanks for the heads up – I can ALWAYS use more duct tape!

    1. YES! Thank you for catching the math error. We corrected it in the post. Appreciate your fine attention to detail.

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