Hormel Chili Coupons, Pay as Low as $0.49

Hormel Chili Coupons

Hormel Chili Coupons, Pay as Low as $0.49

All the Hormel coupons began surfacing, so I knew it was only a matter of time before we’d see the amazing chili offers. Planning on grilling hot dogs this weekend? Heat up a can of chili and turn those bad boys into chili dogs – yummo! You’ll use your Hormel Chili coupon, pay as low as $0.49 at Safeway after the deal. That’s a savings of up to 86%! The sale prices are valid through July 4th.

Hormel Chili Coupons Deals

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2 thoughts on “Hormel Chili Coupons, Pay as Low as $0.49”

  1. Arthur Goodwin

    Humorous Event RE Hormel Chili Sale at Safeway today:

    Picked up 4 cans of the chili. Had two 55/2 paper coupons (which double to 100) so each can should have been $0.49.

    However, after had scanned four cans at self-service checkout, machine applied two 55/2 Digital Hormel Chili coupons (even though I had none loaded to my card). Then on next item (snickers bars), the same two 55/2 Digital Hormel Chili coupons showed up again. And this went on for every item I scanned, with machine telling me I was getting an additional $1.10 deducted from each item. However, the running total at bottom of screen appeared to be about right so after clerk looked at it they said just to complete scanning and we’d see what it looked like at end. When I got to point to apply all my paper coupons, manager had to override to get machine to accept each one; one at a time. After finishing up, the store receipt showed NONE of the Hormel Chili Digital coupons. After closely tallying up everthing on paper manually and comparing to store receipt, the final store total was correct, but the coupons and deductions listed after each item were all scrambled and bore no resemblance to reality. For example, the 8 snickers bars I bought showed up as a net $1.50 MONEY BACK on the store receipt. Of course, the next 4 items (Buddig 8 oz packs of lunch meat) showed a net overcharge by $1.50. And so it went over and over on the receipt.

    Never had anything like this happen ever before today.

    1. That’s crazy! Must’ve been a technical glitch with all these Just for U deals this week! Thanks for sharing. Glad it all worked out in the end. 😉

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