How To Use Ibotta and How I’ve Earned Over $1,900 With Ibotta

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How To use Ibotta to Get Cash Back 

I’m always looking for new and easy ways to save money.  It wasn’t long after I got a smartphone that I found out about how to use the Ibotta app. This cash back reward app was built and designed right here in Denver, Colorado and has helped me and my family save over $1,900 on food and groceries since I joined in January of 2013.  I’m currently averaging $100 a month in cash back from Ibotta for food and groceries which makes a big difference in our budget.

Ibotta - earnings

I will admit, I didn’t do much with the Ibotta app when I first joined…just a few offers here and there but nothing substantial. It was partly due to the lack of offers for products that I buy. I picked up the pace for a while and then fell into a bit of a slump again but, the great thing about Ibotta is, it’s always there when you want to come back. And I did! I came back with gusto! This past year has been very successful and, I have to admit, I’m rather addicted.  The new offers are amazing and are for products that my family normally buys anyway.

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How to Use Ibotta

Using Ibotta is really simple. Just load the app to your smart phone or tablet, choose your favorite stores for easy access (making sure Safeway is #1 on the list, of course), search the categories and add what you plan to purchase (or have already purchased) to your offers.

If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to go shopping! Make sure to look for any restrictions on the offers so you don’t purchase an item that doesn’t match the offer (you can scan the UPC code right there in the app to check), and then make your purchase!


How ibotta works

How do you earn money with Ibotta? 

Simply take photos of your receipt using the Ibotta app, scan the bar codes on the item(s) and that’s it! Once you’ve earned at least $20 you can cash out. There are multiple ways to do so including Paypal, venmo or your choice of one of many available gift cards.

As you’ve probably noticed from our Safeway deal posts, there are dozens of offers available that will help you save money. We’ve posted quite a few recently including ones for I and Love and You dog food, Jolly Time Simply Popped Popcorn (one of my favorites offers), and Sour Punch candy . Alongside of those, some of my favorite cash rewards are the “Any Brand” offers and they are just what they sound like. You can purchase whatever brand you like of that specific item and redeem the offer for cash back! As you can see in the photo below, we’ve seen offers for items such as fresh produce, dairy, shelf stable items and, everyone’s favorite, the “Any Item” offer. Yep, you can earn cash back for buying anything!

Ibotta - any brand

How have I earned so much?

How have I earned over $1,900, you ask? Well, there are a few tips I can give. I mentioned above how important it is to check the details, in the offer, to make sure you purchase the correct size and variety of the item but also check to see if you can purchase more than one item! Quite a few of the offers will allow you to purchase multiples, on the same receipt, and redeem the cash reward on all of those items. Your account will really add up when you can earn cash back on more than one of the same offer!

Secondly, make sure to check your account before you go to the store, not after. Although we all have our own way of shopping, I like to stray off my grocery list a bit. How many times have you seen a deal that you just can’t pass up because it’s free or super cheap, even if you didn’t need it? Ibotta brings many of those deals to me and I love them for it. It’s so fun to bring home something my family hasn’t tried before, or something that I might be able to give to someone else. For example, just this week I included items I purchased, using Ibotta offers, in my children’s teacher gift baskets! But even more than that, I pick up items I don’t need because there is someone else out there who does. Donating items to my local food bank is something I do regularly and I’m so thankful Ibotta can help play a roll in that. So make sure to think outside of the box when scrolling through those offers.

Teamwork Bonuses

Another way I have had success with Ibotta is with bonuses. Every month there are multiple levels of Teamwork Bonuses as well as various other bonuses that pop up throughout the week. When you redeem your offers, you’ll earn the amount listed on that offer plus work towards earning extra bonus money! Many times, I plan my shopping trip around these bonuses and don’t redeem as many offers when there aren’t bonuses available. The only exception is when the offer make the item a freebie because, well, who can pass up a freebie?   Be sure to join the SuperSafeway team so that we can all earn and save together!  Ibotta - bonuses
Since I’ve been with Ibotta for so long, and use it so frequently, the number of offers I need to redeem to earn my bonuses are higher than other people’s might be. But it doesn’t scare me off! Every time a new bonus appears, I’m making my shopping list. Because of the number of offers Ibotta has available, it’s rare when I’m not able to earn that bonus.  Bonuses and cash back offers do vary by account so it’s always fun to see what your friends, and fellow Ibotta users, have available to them.

Although grocery items are my favorite offers to redeem, I’ve also earned money back from Ibotta’s Mobile Shopping cash rewards. There are currently almost 100 websites available to redeem from so, if you shop online, make sure to go through Ibotta and shop from your phone!

Ibotta - mobile

If you haven’t joined Ibotta, make sure to sign up with us here at SuperSafeway. You’ll earn an extra $10 once you redeem your first offer.

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