Kraft Shredded Cheese Only $1.50 at Safeway (Save 70%)

Kraft Shredded Sale

Kraft Shredded Cheese Only $1.50 at Safeway (Save 70%)

This is such a great week of sales at Safeway! Through April 3rd, you can pick up Kraft Shredded Cheese on sale for $2.00 for the 8 oz bag. The best part is, load the $0.50 off of one Kraft Shredded Cheese Just For U digital coupon and you’ll be able to bring home one bag for $1.50! That’s a savings of 70% off of the $4.99 regular price! Plus, these are a Monopoly ticket generator, so you’ll be able to get game markers to help you win great prizes.  See how to play Monopoly at Safeway here.

Kraft Sale ad

Kraft Shredded Cheese Sale and Coupon Deal

Kraft J4U

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* Please note – Savings information is based on Colorado pricing and the Safeway Coupon Policy for the Denver Division which includes Colorado, Nebraska, New Mexico, Wyoming and South Dakota. Your market may vary. Prices may vary per location*


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3 thoughts on “Kraft Shredded Cheese Only $1.50 at Safeway (Save 70%)”

  1. Yes, the store I shopped was in Denver. And I was aware of the advertised price. I mentioned the above here because this is the third shopping trip (to three different Denver Safeways) where the same thing has happened. That is, Just4U digital coupons do NOT appear to lower the overall price below the advertised price. The Just4U coupons show up on the receipt, but in every case the regular price then appears to have been adjusted UPWARD by the same amount of the Just4U coupon.

    For example, the advertised price of the Kraft Shredded Cheese was $2.00, so assuming no digital coupon, the price should have rung up as:

    Regular Price 4.99
    Card Savings 2.99-
    Net 2.00

    But when the Just4U coupon was used it rang up as:
    Regular Price 4.99
    Just4U Store eCoupon 0.50-
    Card Savings 2.49-
    Net 2.00

    Each time I have noticed this and brought to store attention they have corrected. But it appears to me that there is a systemic problem here. I was wondering if any others that read this blog had experienced the same thing.

  2. This may have been unique to the Safeway I shopped at yesterday, but the deal described above did not work out the way listed above. I bought the following:
    1x Kraft Shredded Cheese 8oz.
    It rang up as:
    Regular Price 4.99
    Just4U Store eCoupon 0.50-
    Card Savings 2.49-
    Net was $2.00 (NOT the $1.50 it should have been).

    Similar thing happened with the Sargento Sweet Balanced Breaks advertised deal.
    Bought 4x Sargento Sweet Balanced Breaks and used the Just4U coupon + 3 paper coupons each for $0.75 off.
    It rang up as:
    Regular Price 14.76
    J4U Mfgr Coupon 0.75-
    Manufacturer Cpns 2.25-
    Multiplied Cpns 0.75-
    Card Savings 6.01-
    Net was $5.00 (NOT the $4.25 it should have been)

    I let this slide because there was another mistake on the receipt where they did not ring up one item at all and the net was only a difference of $0.11 in Safeway’s favor.

    1. Are you located in the Denver region (includes most of CO, NE, NM, SD, & WY)? If so, the $2.00 price is in the weekly ad.

      You could speak to a manager at customer service. Show them the weekly ad, then your receipt. They should provide you with a refund.

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