Last Day to Redeem Safeway Monopoly Tickets and Turn in Winning Boards

last day to redeem Safeway Monopoly

Last Day to Redeem Safeway Monopoly Tickets and Winning Game Boards

Many of you are emailing and asking about the last day for the Safeway Monopoly game this year and the last day to redeem Safeway Monopoly tickets.  The last day to redeem the physical Monopoly game board pieces or redeem any of the coupons is May 28th.  Safeway stopped handing out game tickets on Tuesday, May 8th, but if you still have coupons or winning game pieces, be sure to head into Safeway to redeem the coupons and turn in your boards.

The Safeway Monopoly online game is also still going on and the last day to enter codes for the online Monopoly Game is May 1th.   Each of the 13 Safeway/Albertsons divisions will have 3 sweepstakes prize drawings for a total of $70,000 per division.  There will be 4 iHeartRadio Sweepstakes prize drawings for a total of $41,000 in prizes.  There is a total of $951,000 in guaranteed sweepstakes prizes available.

Read all about how to play and win the 2018 Safeway Monopoly game here

How did you do in this year’s game?  Let us know in the comments below.  I feel like I did about the same as last year with winning $5 cash both years and a ton of free products and great manufacturer coupons that lowered my Safeway bills dramatically!

Below you can see my haul from last year where I won a ton of free products and saved $147 at Safeway in one day with all my Monopoly free item tickets and Monopoly coupons.  That was my biggest savings at Safeway ever in my history of shopping at Safeway.

See all my Monopoly freebies here:

last day of safeway monopoly



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7 thoughts on “Last Day to Redeem Safeway Monopoly Tickets and Turn in Winning Boards”

  1. The Safeway store in American quit giving out tickets last week. And I am at Safeway nearly every day. now I have hundreds of those silly blue game tickets. some say I won a few things but no signs that I could see indicating that the game was over. I thought I could input the tickets online but the ad’s (most) refer to the 2019 game. See if I go through all that trouble for nothing again? I am glad to see you quit giving out the millions oi redundant receipts. Stick to one receipt and try a few good deals on food. Yesterday I noticed that you have once again increased prices on most products I buy weekly.
    I think with this Safeway being the only supermarket in American Canyon and North Vallejo you would appreciate all of the business you get. By the way, don’t keep your store open if your crew doesn’t want to ring them up. I am a nice person and the mean looks I get for shopping in an empty store makes me NOT want to go in there. How easy could they have it. I know they are busy stocking items but REALLY? Waiting for someone to check you out is bad but they practically kill you with their unfriendly behavior..Are working conditions that bad? They work in a store; with the public. It is their job! Growling is not attractive!

  2. I was at Safeway corner of Ralston &
    Alameda in Belmont (today may 29)
    Planning on turning in my $10.00 gift
    card win in monopoly but they refused
    to honor it saying they have to go by
    the rules on the game sheet.
    Your website names may 29 as the
    Closing date. I was very disappointed .

  3. This year, had total of 577 monopoly tickets (469 from purchases, 28 free xtra tickets – the tickets that say you won 2 xtra tickets), 56 tickets from redeeming free instant product winners when redeem each you get another ticket, and 24 freebie tickets found abandoned alongside a Safeway). From this I received:

    A) One $10 Instant Winner Grocery Card (odds of winning this 1 in 50,000 so this was major luck).

    B) 56x Instant product winners (1 in 11 tickets are winners for this, so I slightly bettered expected 52.5 winners for 577 tickets). 14x Signature Kitchen Gravy Mixes, 10x Signature Kitchen Tomato Sauce, 10x Donuts/Bagels, 5x Refreshe Water bottles, rest singletons. Bagels were big winner in my household. Last year got 8 bottles of Signature Care Aspirin this year only 1 so that was a plus this year. Open Nature Baked Cheddar Twist crackers freebie were an enormous hit at my house and we probably bought 5 more boxes during promotion.

    C) 4 free redbox rentals (two for video games, two for DVDs)

    D) 2 free Jurassic World Game App Coupon Codes (2x $4.99)

    E) One $5.00 off at

    F) 5x 10cent Fuel Rewards, making Fuel Purchase for May 80cents off per gallon.

    G) 160x Fandango Tokens (redeemed for 5 x $5 off Fandango Movie tickets + sweepstakes entries). Would never have gotten this many except Monopoly doubled all Fandango/Universal tokens for one week period which is when I redeemed most of my second-chance tickets.

    H) 73 x Universal Tokens (redeemed for 1x $10 off Fandango Jurassic World Movie ticket + sweepstakes).

    I) 160 x cents off coupons. Mostly for $50/1, few $100/1, and two $5.00/1 (USDA Choice Beef, Kohl’s Gift Card). Have redeemed about $20.00 of these so far, mostly when they matched up with various Pick 5, Mix and Match promotions.

    J) Lots of the tickets for Shutterfly shopping bags/photo cover book, magnets; NBA Store Coupon Codes – which have little utility to our household but might be useful to others.

    K) Two unusual prizes: 1x $0.50 Bonus Box Tops for Education. Entered them on line to give my local elementary school $1.00.

    Overall this was a fun game with lots of useful freebies/coupons. I increased my spending at Safeway about 30% mostly because the monopoly tickets meant I was willing to walk 3 miles to Safeway for an item that without the ticket I would have bought at King Soopers (0.5 miles away) when the price at the two stores was similar.

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