NEW Light & Fit Collagen & Antioxidants Yogurt – Try for Just $.25 a Cup at Safeway


New Light & Fit Collagen & Antioxidants Yogurt

Danone has jumped on the collagen bandwagon, with the launch of its new Light & Fit Collagen & Antioxidants Yogurt.   Try the new yogurt for just $.25 a cup with a new sale and coupon at Safeway.

Collagen has been all the rage in recent years because of the perceived health benefits from relieving joint pain to improving skin health.

The new yogurt has 15g of protein and 2g of collagen plus antioxidants, Vitamins A & E, per 5.3oz serving.

The yogurt is made using Icelandic Style Nonfat Yogurt as its base with the addition of 2 grams of collagen and 20% daily value of Vitamins A and E per 5.3 oz. serving. Like all of Light + Fit’s yogurts, it is made with nonfat milk.

It comes in unique and tasty flavors as you’ve come to expect from Light + Fit, but with a touch less sweetness than our Regular and Greek Yogurts. Like our Icelandic style yogurt, it is thicker in consistency and has 15g of protein per serving.

The collagen is listed on the on-pack ingredient list as “hydrolyzed collagen”. More specifically, it is a Type I and III hydrolyzed beef collagen.

The yogurt does not have any sugar just like all the Light & Fit yogurts, rather is sweetened with stevia leaf extract.

Light & Fit Collagen & Antioxidants Yogurt Flavors

The yogurt is available in 5.3 oz single-serve cups in four flavors:

  • Cherry Black Currant
  • Raspberry Lime
  • Mango Kiwi
  • Tangerine Grapefruit

What is Collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body.

It is the major component of connective tissues that make up several body parts, including tendons, ligaments, skin, and muscles.

Collagen has many important functions, including providing your skin with structure and strengthening your bones.

In recent years, collagen supplements have become popular. Most are hydrolyzed, which means the collagen has been broken down, making it easier for you to absorb.


Light & Fit Coupon and Sale Details

Pick up  2 cups for just $.25 each after the $.75 off 1 printable coupon doubles automatically to $1.00 at Safeway and try a third cup for just $.50 after the digital coupon.



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