New! Albertsons Launches Double Coupons and Safeway Confirms Commitment to Double Coupons

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Albertsons Doubles Coupons

Couponers rejoice!   Safeway confirms its commitment to double coupons by launching double coupons in Albertsons stores as well effective immediately!  This is a bold move as King Soopers ends double coupons effective August 23rd.  The half page ad above appeared in the Denver Post today, Sunday August 21st.

Safeway and Albertsons will be the only two grocers in town that double manufacturer coupons.    Albertsons sales are the same as Safeway club prices and you can also use the Just for U digital coupons at Albertsons stores in Colorado.

How do Safeway and Albertsons double coupons work?

Any printed coupon under $1.00 will double in value up to $1.00.  For example, $.50 coupons will double to $1.00, $.40 coupons double to $.80, $.75 coupons are worth $1.00 at all Safeway and Albertsons locations in the Denver division, which includes most CO, NM, NE, WY and SD stores.*  For more information about couponing at Safeway and Albertsons, refer to the Safeway Coupon Policy here.

As a reminder – Just for U digital coupons do not double in value and the coupon is taken off the transaction at checkout at face value.

Every week we show you the sales matched with coupons at all Safeway and Albertsons stores.  You can see the latest Safeway/Albertsons weekly ad here, and the latest sale and coupon deals here.

To celebrate this awesome news we are giving away 5 $50 Safeway gift cards by August 31st.  Enter to win here!

* The following stores are not part of the Denver division and may have different coupon policies because they are part of the InterMountain Division: #461 Riverton, WY, #1131 Montrose, CO, #1533 and #2625 Grand Junction, CO, #1863 Delta, CO, and # 2761 Lander, WY.

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* Please note – Savings information is based on Colorado pricing and the Safeway Coupon Policy for the Denver Division which includes Colorado, Nebraska, New Mexico, Wyoming and South Dakota. Your market may vary. *

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26 thoughts on “New! Albertsons Launches Double Coupons and Safeway Confirms Commitment to Double Coupons”

  1. Any deals you post are helpful 🙂 very excited the doubleing is offered in CO. So every safeway and albertsons store will offer the doubleing? Will it automatically happen at the register or do they have to input each coupon?

    1. It happens automatically for paper coupons at the register as long as they don’t say “DO NOT DOUBLE”.

    1. Albertsons stores in CO, NE, NM, WY and SD are included. I do not know if they are Albertsons market stores.

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