New Improved Recipe Butterfinger Candy Bars in Stores Now. Try for $.50 Each With New Coupon


Improved Recipe Butterfinger Candy Bars Coupon and Sale

Is it any surprise that February is National Chocolate Lovers month?  If you are a chocolate lover as much as I am, clip a new Buy One Get One Free Butterfinger Candy Bar coupon from Sunday’s RetailMeNot insert and use it at Safeway where you will find Butterfinger Candy Bars on sale for just $1.00 through February 25th.  Get 2 bars for just $1.00, or $.50 each!  Regularly $1.29, save 61% on the new improved recipe Butterfinger candy bars.

Improved Recipe Butterfinger Candy

The Butterfinger candy brand, which had been owned by Nestle since 1990 was bought by Ferrero (the company behind Nutella) in January 2018. The new parent company has made some big changes to the iconic bar and claims that the new formulation will include “higher quality ingredients.”

The new bars, which are now available in stores nationwide are made using a chocolate shell coating that contains more milk and cocoa (instead of hard-to-pronounce fillers).

The company claims this change will result in a “richer, creamier” taste.

In addition to the updated chocolate coating, the brand is now using “carefully selected” U.S. grown peanuts to make the crispety, crunchety interior. The peanuts all also be roasted in house.

That’s not all — Butterfinger is, quite literally, trimming the fat. The new recipe is getting rid of hydrogenated oils, which contain trans fats, and TBHQ, a preservative found in many processed foods. According to the brand, these updates have resulted in a crispier, fresher candy bar.

I have to tell you I don’t like it when brands start messing with perfection – so I’m going to pick up the new “better Butterfinger” candy bars to see for myself if the new improved recipe yields a better candy bar.  So far, I like what I hear that it’s richer and creamier without the hydrogenated oils!  Now to put the taste to the test!

  • Butterfinger Candy Bars 1.9 oz on sale for $1.00 through February 25th
    • Clip and use buy one get one free Butterfinger candy bar coupon from RMN 2/3, exp. 3/3
    • Final Price = $.50 each


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