New P&G Coupon Limit – One Coupon Per Purchase

 P&G Coupon limit

P&G Coupon Limit of One Per Purchase

In the September P&G inserts we received on Sunday, August 26th you may have noticed a change the P&G Coupon Limits in the wording on the P&G Coupons.  The coupons now read, LIMIT ONE COUPON PER PURCHASE of products and quantities stated.  LIMIT 2 IDENTICAL COUPONS PER HOUSEHOLD PER DAY.  In addition to the coupon limit change, the coupon redemption period has been shortened to just 2 weeks!

We’ve always promoted ethical and responsible couponing, so we feel this new limit is important to call out because in the past it was 2 coupons per purchase, but due to excessive coupon fraud and lost revenue to P&G, they are taking a stance that coupon fraud won’t be tolerated and that in order to continue receiving coupons and discounts on P&G products, we have to follow the rules and just use one coupon per item per purchase.

What does change this mean?

For those of us who just get one P&G insert per month in the Sunday paper, this change doesn’t really impact us, however if you have multiple newspaper subscriptions or get multiple P&G inserts each month, this change will impact you.

For example if you are purchasing 3 P&G items in one transaction, like Bounty, Charmin and Pampers – you can use one of each of those coupons from the P&G insert, however if you are purchasing 3 packs of Pampers diapers for example, you can only use one paper coupon from the P&G insert.  You can’t use 3 insert coupons in the same transaction or even in the same day.  However, if you load digital coupons to your Just for U account, you can use a paper coupon and a digital coupon in one transaction as long as you have one item per coupon.

Pampers Coupon Limit

The silver lining is that many of the digital coupon offers have increased in value, so that is a benefit to anyone trying to save a buck, and will hopefully prevent product stock outs that we’ve seen in the past.

I wanted to start with this post today because there is a hot new P&G promotion happening at Safeway where you can save $7 on your next purchase when you spend $25 on participating P&G items.  The list of products included is comprehensive and even includes Pampers diapers, Easy Ups Training Pants and LUVS Diapers which have not been included in these promotions for a while.

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