New Receipt Coupon Program Replaces Catalina Offers at Safeway


Safeway Launches Receipt Coupons, Discontinues Catalinas

Safeway/Albertsons is discontinuing the Catalina Marketing coupon program in stores nationwide this month.

Catalina coupons, otherwise known as “checkout coupons” have traditionally printed from the Catalina machine at checkout based on a customer’s purchase history and propensity to purchase a product, or they were triggered by specific items purchased in a transaction.  Savvy shoppers loved Catalinas because they were a way to double-dip or triple stack savings when paired with sales and manufacturer coupons.  Remember getting free General Mills Cereal with a Catalina?

Not to fear, the Catalina program will be replaced with a new customized savings program with checkout coupons printed directly on your receipt, rather than as a separate coupon from the Catalina machine.

Personalized Receipt Coupons

Quotient, the parent company of will be providing new personalized checkout coupons specific to each individual shopper.  Quotient already offers personalized digital coupons through the Just for U app, so now they are extending those offers to actually print at checkout on the bottom of the receipt.

The receipt coupons will essentially be printed versions of those digital offers for shoppers who may not be digitally engaged.   This is a great new savings opportunity for customers without the inconvenience of coupon announcements scattered at the bottom of your purse.

Here’s a sample of the checkout coupon:

safeway receipt coupons

Keep an eye on your receipts for valuable personalized coupons for extra savings at Safeway.

Thanks to Chiharu from Colorado Springs for the image of the new receipt coupon.  I was hoping to get one on my shopping trip this week, but did not.

What do you think about this change?  Let us know in the comments below.


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5 thoughts on “New Receipt Coupon Program Replaces Catalina Offers at Safeway”

  1. Just like Arthur, I hate this change. Catalina provided coupons that I could use on any future purchases ($1 off any purchase etc.). And I knew what items to purchase that will trigger those coupons. In this new program, we do not know what is going to print. So there is no way to combine sales with catalina printouts. That is a huge disadvantage.

    1. I totally agree with both of you. Was super disappointed to hear they dropped Catalina coupons. Have yet to receive a receipt coupon since that program launched earlier this month. ;-(

  2. Oh… Forget to add something important. Thanks for reporting this. No one else appears to have said anything about this on any of the coupon blogs I follow and it is important news for Safeway couponers.

    1. Thank you Arthur – I also think it’s important for Safeway couponers. I hope it results in some savings for those of us that already use the digital programs!

  3. I have always liked the Catalinas so I’m sorry they are gone. Whether the receipt coupons are as good or better we’ll have to wait and see. I already get digital coupons from Safeway on-line so (based on your description) the new receipt coupons don’t really add anything (other than MAYBE a second copy of various digital coupons if they give them out simultaneously both ways).

    Personally, I have found that store programs that personalize deals have a long-term tendency to mean less savings for me overall. I shop the deals, with no real adherence to any specific brands. Personalization USUALLY means trying to lock you into buying the same brand over and over, with less and less discounts over time. We’ll see if that is how Safeway’s new program works out.

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