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Cold Brew Coffee Brands

Coffee … it’s what helps most Americans (including myself) wake up in the morning and prepares us to take on the world. But today’s coffee isn’t yesterday’s hot cup o’ joe.   In today’s Nowadays, coffee beverages run the gamut from single-serving pods in every flavor imaginable to the up-and-coming cold brew category that’s witnessed phenomenal growth over the past few years.

What is Cold Brew Coffee and Why is it Different?

Cold Brew Coffee is not the same as iced coffee.  Cold brewed coffee is slow roasted coffee compared to iced coffee which is brewed hot, then poured over ice. Cold brew begins and ends without any added heat. This new type of coffee that is spreading across the nation is made with just water, really good coffee grounds and a filtering system. By utilizing time instead of heat, cold brew coffee results in a much more concentrated and strong flavor.  The flavor profile is smooth, bold and there is no bitterness, and it contains less acid than the hot brewed coffee variety.

New Cold Brew Coffee Brands at Safeway

The cold brew coffee growth has been astonishing over the past year and continues.   To accommodate this new beverage category, you may have seen these new cold brew coffee refrigerator cases at your local Safeway.  They feature the new single serve cold brew and iced coffee varieties from Peets, Starbucks, O Organics, Signature SELECT, High Brew, Chameleon, Kona Red, Califia, Shamrock Farms, La Colombe, Mandrinas, Caribou Coffee, Lucky Jack, Cuvee, Gevalia, Kohana, and even Bhakti Cold Brew Chai and Coffee products, just to name a few.

Some are straight cold brew coffee, some have milk, others have almond milk, some have creative flavor profiles like Mexican chocolate, salted caramel, chicory, vanilla, vanilla latte espresso, Yerba Mate and the latest trends are infusing cold brew coffees with nitrogen, protein and even hemp seed oil. We have not seen the end of this trend, in fact I would say it’s just beginning!

More brands are being added to the coffee aisle, pushing out traditional coffee grounds, whole beans and k-cups and the cold brew refrigerator can only hold so many cans.  So, I encourage you to jump on the cold brew bandwagon and give it a try!  You can always make your own cold brew coffee at home, but it’s so easy to buy and getting more affordable – why would you?


Cold Brew Coffee Brands

The next trend in cold brew coffee is in the coffee aisle, with brands creating cold brew k-cups, which are already brewed and you can pour over ice, or use the Keurig to serve the cold brewed coffee hot.  There are also cold brew concentrates that are ready to mix with water or your favorite milk beverage.

At first I wasn’t convinced that cold brew coffee was all that, BUT then I tried it.  I love the clean, smooth flavor, with less acidity than a traditional iced coffee.   I have officially been converted and am a huge fan.  Be sure to check out the new Cold Brew Coffee case at your local store and try some new brands and flavors of cold brew coffee and jump on the cold brew bandwagon.

Cold Brew Coffee

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