O Organics Ice Cream Pints New at Safeway

O Organics Ice Cream

O Organics Ice Cream Pints

If you are a loyal O Organics shopper, like I am you will be thrilled to know that Safeway now has a new line of O Organics Ice Cream pints available at your local store.  The new organic ice cream is made with real cream, milk, butter and all USDA certified organic ingredients. There are 7 new flavors of this ice cream and we were lucky enough to try a pint this week and let me tell you it is AMAZING!  I tried the sea salt caramel flavor and my favorite part was that the ice cream itself was salted caramel ice cream and the ribbon of salted caramel was an added bonus of caramel.  If you love salted caramel anything – you will LOVE this ice cream!

The best part is this organic ice cream is priced lower than traditional non-organic ice creams pints.  The O Organics Ice Cream is priced at $3.99 everyday.  Score! Right now you can get a pint for just $.99 when you stack 2 Just for U Coupons through April 29th!  Save 75% on organic ice cream!

O Organics Ice Cream Flavors:

O Organics Organic Tea and Biscuit Ice Cream is tea ice cream with a buttery biscuit swirl

O Organics Organic Mochaccino Ice Cream is coffee ice cream with dark fudge chips and ground coffee

O Organics Organic Chocolate Extreme Moose Tracks is chocolate ice cream with Moose Tracks fudge swirl and Moose Tracks fudge cups

O Organics Organic Sea Salt Caramel Ice Cream is sea salt caramel ice cream with a salted caramel swirl

O Organics Organic Mint Chip Ice Cream is mint ice cream with dark fudge chips

O Organics Organic Vanilla Ice Cream

O Organics Organic Cookies & Cream Ice Cream is vanilla ice cream with creme filled sandwich cookie pieces

O Organics Ice Cream Flavors

Right now you can get O Organics Ice Cream pints on sale for $2.99 through and when you stack two new digital Just for U coupons, you can bring the price down to $.99 for a pint!

O Organics Organic Ice Cream

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3 thoughts on “O Organics Ice Cream Pints New at Safeway”

  1. I just had the O Organics Carmel Sea Salt ice cream and it was the worst. It was icy, not creamy at all. Not very flavorful either. The Moose Tracks wasn’t much better.

  2. I need the IUPAC code for O Organics Chocolate Extreme Moose Tracks ice cream. There is no Safeway in this area (Saco, ME) but Shaw’s carries it. They need the IUPAC code to order it.

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