New Signature Care Caliber 5 One Year Shave Kit | Razor +12 Cartridges – Great Value!

Signature Care Caliber 5 Shave Kit

Signature Care Caliber 5 Shave Kit

Safeway has launched a new Signature Care Caliber 5 one year shave kit and you’ll find it in the personal care aisle at your local store!  The shave kit comes with a razor and 12 5-blade cartridges and is a fantastic value for the price!  The razor has a good weight and substantial handle which initially demonstrates good quality.   The blades come with a double coated blade edge for a close, comfortable shave and anti-clogging cartridges for a clean rinse every time.  The cartridges have a lubricating strip with vitamin E to help reduce skin irritation from shaving.  The cartridges also feature an Accublade Trimmer on the top for shaving a goatee, sideburns and under the nose.

I was given a pack to review and since I’ve used men’s razors to shave my legs for 20 years, I thought I would be a good judge at this system for women.  My husband used the new razor for his facial hair.  We both agree that this is a great razor and the value for the shave kit can’t be beat.  I didn’t get any nicks or cuts and my legs were super smooth.  The shave gel didn’t clump in the cartridge which was great.  The cartridge is also really easy to put on the handle and to remove and it felt sturdy, and even survived a drop in the shower.

My husband felt like he got a super smooth shave as well and he liked the razor.  He did comment that the trimmer was just ok, but he does have a goatee at the moment, and he was willing to forgo that for the price.  It worked just as well as his Gillette Mach 5 razor he’s used for years.

He recently tried the an online shave club razor and while the introductory price of $1.00 was great for the first montg, he felt like paying $9 per month for 4 new cartridges was out of his budget in the long run.  With this new Signature Care Caliber 5 one year shave kit, you buy it once a year and change the cartridge every month.

Signature Care Caliber 5 One Year Shave Kit

How does this shave kit compare in price to other brands at Safeway and online?

The Signature Care Caliber 5 One Year Shave Kit retails for $19.99 at Safeway.  This works out to $1.66 per cartridge.  The razor and cartridges are most comparable to the Gillette Fusion 5 brand, which cost $12.99 for 1 razor and 2 cartridges at Safeway.  The refill cartridge 4 packs cost $22.99, which is $5.75 per cartridge and you still have to buy the razor, so you are looking at $35.98 for one razor and 6 cartridges, which is 6 months worth.  While Gillette products frequently go on sale and have coupons, the cheapest you’d find a year supply of this brand of razor and cartridges is about $37 with coupons and sales.  That’s $3.08 per cartridge, so at $1.66 per month for the Signature Care Caliber 5, this shave kit is a tremendous value and a 46% savings over the equivalent Gillette 5 blade system for a one year supply!

The Dollar Shave Club equivalent is a 6 blade razor which is $1.00 for the first month for the razor and 4 cartridges and then $9 a month every subsequent month for 4 new cartridges each month.  They assume you want a new cartridge every week, which is really not necessary as the blades do not dull that quickly.  For a one year supply with the shave club “membership”, you are looking at $100 a year if you get 4 new cartridges every month.

Be sure check out the new Signature Care Caliber 5 Razor and One Year Shave Kit the next time you are shopping at Safeway and try it out.  It’s a low cost for a one year supply of razor and cartridges, so you will be thrilled with the savings!

Signature Care Caliber 5 One Year Shave Kit Close

Signature Care Shave Kit


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