Open Nature Coffee Creamer Coupon & Sale, Pay just $1.39 for 32 oz (Reg. $3.49)


New Open Nature Coffee Creamer Coupon and Sale

Save a bundle on Safeway’s Open Nature Coffee Creamer with a hot new coupon and sale going on through July 29th.  The Open Nature Coffee Creamer is available in both a dairy creamer and a non-dairy creamer make with almond milk.  I’ve personally tried both and think they are fantastic!  The 32 oz cartons of Open Nature Coffee Creamer are on sale for 42.39 through July 29th as part of the July Big Book of Savings.  There is a new Just for U Digital Coupon for $1.00 off 1 Open Nature Coffee Creamer valid through 7/29 that you can pair with the sale to pay just $1.39 for one carton!

Choose from Sweet Cream, Hazelnut or Vanilla flavors for the dairy creamer and Vanilla or Caramel flavors for the almond milk non-dairy creamers.  Normally $3.49 each, you’ll save 60% with the sale and coupon!

  • Open Nature Coffee Creamer 32 oz on sale for $2.39 through July 29th

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9 thoughts on “Open Nature Coffee Creamer Coupon & Sale, Pay just $1.39 for 32 oz (Reg. $3.49)”

  1. I also don’t understand why Safeway continues to use plastic or purchase other goods in plastic. Someone needs to lead the fight and more people will continue to shop in your supermarket. Unfortunately if this continues we will stop shopping at Safeway.

  2. Why did you change your packaging to plastic. I loved that you used a carton. Do you forget about the on going plastic problem in the World…or are you using recycled plastic???.Also have you thought about using allulose as a sweetener and be one of the first to make a creamer low glycemic? Allulose has no after taste and people that are on a lowfodmap diet can consume it. Also go alittle further and make it lactose free. You would have a no.1 seller with all the people who do keto . Just a thought!!! Thank you

    1. I was surprised to see the plastic containers as well. I will pass along the allulose sweetener recommendation to Safeway. Thanks.

      1. The sweet cream creamer is not the same since you changed to plastic. No flavor or creaminess. It’s blah. And the milk fat sits on the top so it’s not emulsified. Not going to buy anymore

  3. Ralph Richards

    Several months ago I found non dairy (almond milk) coffee creamer HAZELNUT. I purchased two and have never been able to purchase it again. I’ve requested the manager order the same to no avail. Now after googling the item I find that it is only manufactured in Carmel and vanilla not hazelnut ? I would order direct 4-6 at a time if available. Many of us myself included have had our gallbladder removed and cannot use dairy products. Please respond if there is a solution. I really enjoyed the non-dairy hazelnut creamer. Thanks Ralph Richards 805-2269364. Or [email protected]

    1. Hi Ralph – Unfortunately the Open Nature non-dairy creamer is only available in Caramel and Vanilla flavors at this time. It is not made in a hazelnut flavor.

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