Open Nature Super Grain Bars – New at Safeway

Open Nature Super Grain Bars


Open Nature Super Grain Bars

If you are looking for a healthy snack alternative to take with you to work, fill the kids lunches or have as mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack, Safeway’s new Open Nature Super Grain Bars are the perfect snack option.  The Open Nature Super Grain Bars have a blend of 10 whole grains in each bar.  These bars have ancient grains like kamut, spelt, quinoa, rye, triticale, barley, and buckwheat.  All of the bars are made with natural flavors and they have between 130 to 140 calories per bar and just 2-3.5 grams of fat per bar.  They each have 4 to 6 grams of sugar, 10 grams of whole grains and 2 grams of protein.  These are great granola bars that are perfect for snacking!  I was given a sample of each of the bar flavors and have partnered with Safeway to review these bars and announce them to you here.  You can see my review below.

The bars come in 7 unique flavor combinations, each with their own nutritional benefits.  The bars are soft, chewy and delicious!

Open Nature Super Grain Bar Flavors:

Blueberry Vanilla

Oat & Honey

Chia & Coconut

Peanut Butter & Dark Chocolate

Pumpkin Seed & Maple

White Chocolate & Cranberry

Dark Chocolate

Open Nature Super Grain Bars2

Open Nature Super Grain Bar Review 

We conducted an informal taste test among my 3 kids, myself and 3 friends that my kiddos had over.  The clear winner of the taste test was the white chocolate & cranberry flavored bars and the 2nd place prize went to the pumpkin seed & maple and the 3rd place went to the chia & coconut.  I was totally surprised by the results and assumed the kids would’ve voted for chocolate peanut butter, but they enjoyed the sweetness of the cranberries, the chunks of white chocolate and the chewy granola bar.  They all asked for seconds of this bar flavor.    Here’s my quick and honest review of each bar:

Blueberry Vanilla – soft, chewy bar, slight blueberry flavor, delicious with a cup of tea in the afternoon

Oat & Honey – soft, chewy bar, nothing remarkable about the flavor, just a plain chewy honey granola bar

Chia & Coconut – soft, chewy bar with a nice crunch from the chia seeds, strong coconut flavor which was delicious – perfect snack for adults

Peanut Butter & Dark Chocolate – soft, chewy bar with a strong peanut butter flavor.  While the bar was loaded with chocolate chunks, the chocolate flavor didn’t come through as much, but still a delicious bar.

Pumpkin Seed & Maple – your senses are instantly awakened by the sweet maple scent and there is delicious maple flavor with a slight crunch from the whole pumpkin seeds throughout the bar

White Chocolate & Cranberry – soft, chewy bar with sweet dried cranberry flavor.  Loved the chunks of white chocolate throughout – the clear taste test winner

Dark Chocolate – this soft, chewy bar has a very subtle dark chocolate flavor, it tasted good, but not as chocolaty as I would’ve liked


These are available in the Cereal and Breakfast Aisle at your local Safeway and they are on sale through April 29th for $2.50 a box.  There are 5 bars in each box, so the cost per bar is just $.50 each.  A great price for a natural, super grain bar.

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  1. I disagree on the taste of these bars, they are very bland and almost stale tasting, I wish my store had your flavors, I only have the dark chocolate and that one is not good at all

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