Safeway Launches New O Organics and Open Nature Yogurt Lines – 8 New Flavors

Open Nature Yogurt Flavors

New O Organics Yogurt and Open Nature Yogurt at Safeway

Safeway has been expanding its O Organics and Open Nature lines and adding great new products in every aisle of the store. This month you may have seen the new O Organics and Open Nature Yogurts added to the dairy aisles.  There are eight yogurt flavors for O Organics yogurt including Cherry, Peach, Coconut, Vanilla, Strawberry, Raspberry, Lemon, and Blueberry.   These are made with whole cultured pasteurized organic milk, organic fruits, organic juice, organic tapioca starch, natural flavors and of course the active yogurt cultures.  These are blended yogurts with the fruit distributed throughout each cup, so there is no need to stir to incorporate fruit from the bottom.  The O Organics Yogurts retail for $1.39 for a 5.3 oz cup.  Each cup has roughly 4.5 grams of fat, 6 grams of protein and 23 grams of carbs.

There is also a new line of Open Nature Icelandic Style Yogurt and Open Nature Aussie Style yogurts to reflect the newest trends in yogurt.  The Icelandic Style yogurts and Aussie Style Yogurts come in the same flavors as the organic, with the addition of a strawberry rhubarb yogurt.

New Open Nature Icelandic Style Yogurt Flavors

Also know as skyr, this style of yogurt from the Nordic island is giving Greek yogurt a run for its money. It’s actually made the same way as Greek yogurt, but it’s strained a bit more to result in a seriously thick yogurt that has even more protein. It’s traditionally made with nonfat yogurt, but the Open Nature variety is made with 2% milk, giving it more richness and creaminess. Overall, it’s less tart and more decadent than Greek yogurt.  It has 3 grams of fat, 16 grams of protein and 10 grams 1o carbs.  It retails for $1.19 for each 5.3 oz cup.

open nature Icelandic style yogurt

New Open Nature Aussie Style Yogurt


Unlike Greek and Icelandic yogurt, Australian yogurt is unstrained. It’s still a bit richer and creamier than traditional yogurt, but the reason for that varies by brand. The popular brand Noosa uses only whole milk to achieve this, while Wallaby uses nonfat milk, but cooks it slower and longer than traditional yogurt to achieve that extra creaminess.  The Open Nature Aussie Style Yogurt is made with milk and cream to achieve the extra creaminess. It has 13 grams of fat, 12 grams of protein and 38 carbs.  It retails for $1.79 for each 8 oz container.

open nature aussie style yogurt

I recently picked up the new O Organics yogurts and we had a little tasting party at home to see which flavors we like the best.  My kids were in awe because I normally let them have a yogurt with breakfast or as an afternoon snack,  but not more than one – so when we opened up all 8 cups and among the 5 of us tasted each one, they were thrilled to try them all.  The surprising clear winner for me was the coconut flavor.  It was incredible creamy and flavorful with chunks of coconut pieces throughout the yogurt.  My two daughters loved the lemon flavor and my husband and son were split between blueberry and strawberry.  I was expecting the cherry flavor to be a winner, but it wasn’t as strong of a cherry flavor as we are accustomed to with other brands of cherry yogurt, so it received a mediocre grade from my family!


If you pick these up, be sure to consume within 1-2 weeks because have a slightly shorter shelf life than their non-organic counterparts.  I enjoyed the yogurt with my homemade granola for breakfast and as an afternoon snack!


o organics yogurt

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4 thoughts on “Safeway Launches New O Organics and Open Nature Yogurt Lines – 8 New Flavors”

  1. I am finding mold in an occasional open nature icelandic style 0% fat yogurt. One was at best by date so no huge deal. Today I found mold in blueberry with a best by date of 10/18. Now I am starting to wonder.
    The rest of the date code is: OCT 18 19 10:25 06-2796 45 pretty nasty
    Makes me a little skittish about buying it again. Too bad – I like the blueberry.

  2. Why can’t I find Open Nature pineapple yogurt anymore? Pineapple is the one that I will buy a dozen of. I find myself trying other brands but they don’t compare to open nature. Yhr other O.N. flavors are good but Pineapple is the best.

  3. I seem to remember six cultures, not four, before the packaging was changed and the specific cultures no longer listed. Had to go online to get current info. Using this as starter for my yogurt maker, do I need to switch to Tillamook Farmstyle?

  4. I have been eating Open nature yogurt for years and am NOT happy that you changed the pkg and added 2 more grams of sugar???? Why would you do that. The only yogurt that was 2 grms of sugar is now 4 WHY???

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