WTRMLN WTR Review and Enter to Win a Free Case of WTRMLN WTR


WTRMLN WTR – Deliciously Hydrating (with Natural Electrolytes From Watermelon)

WTRMLN WTR Review and Giveaway

If eating healthier and exercising more are part of your new year’s resolutions, you may be on the hunt for an all-natural, super hydrating post-workout recovery drink.   New on the healthy beverage scene is 100% pure watermelon water from the brand WTRMLN WTR with four delicious blends, each with a distinct flavor profile and secondary benefits.    WTRMLN WTR provides clean and simple ingredients and is packed with nutrients and functional benefits.


Nutritional Benefits

  • WTRMLN WTR is made from only Non-GMO all-natural cold-pressed watermelon. Plus, every bottle includes 1.2 pound of pure watermelon, with no added sugar or added water.
  • While there are 12 grams of natural sugars occurring from the fruit, according to their website, WTRMLN WTR has 45% less sugar than orange juice.
  • Twice the potassium of a banana in every bottle, which makes it incredibly hydrating and helpful in relieving cramps and improving heart health.
  • WTRMLN WTR hydrates intra-cellularly, meaning it rehydrates the cells from the inside out. When the cells are hydrated from the inside, a multitude of healing reactions are triggered in the body, from protein building to muscle and tissue repair, DNA repair, fat burning and cell regeneration.
  • WTRMLN WTR has lycopene, which is an antioxidant that has been proven to fight free radicals.
  • WTRMLN WTR contains a naturally occurring amino acid called L-Citrulline. Watermelon is the only place in nature that L-Citrulline exists. When consumed before a workout, L-Citrulline relaxes muscles and helps athletes prevent muscle fatigue. And when you drink it after a workout it actually aids muscle recovery.


Review of WTRMLN WTR Flavors

With regards to the flavor profile, WTRMLN WTR comes in four distinct flavors – Original Watermelon, Lemon Ginger, Lime and Tart Cherry.  We tasted three of the flavors found at Safeway and you can see our review of WTRMLN WTR below.

Original Watermelon

The flavor is surprisingly not as sweet as expected.  Light and refreshing, it doesn’t leave a lingering aftertaste. It tastes like fresh watermelon juice, because that’s all it is!  It contains only two ingredients – watermelon flesh + rind and organic lemon juice.  There is a very slight watermelon flesh pulp that can separate in this beverage, so you just have to shake to combine since the flesh wants to settle at the bottom of the bottle.

Lemon Ginger

The first sense awakened by this flavored juice is the smell – it’s got a powerful ginger aroma that is both sweet and spicy.  When you first taste the Lemon Ginger WTRMLN WTR, you get a perfect blend of watermelon, fresh organic ginger and tart organic lemon.  The aftertaste is zesty and slightly spicy from the ginger.  We found it smooth, refreshing and delicious!  Our favorite flavor by far.  This flavor had the most pulp separation so you need to shake to combine before consuming.

Tart Cherry

Upon opening the bottle, you can immediately smell the watermelon (flesh + rind) in this beverage flavor, complimented by a tart cherry aroma and even notes of lemon.  Upon tasting it, the initial flavor is tart cherry with a hint of watermelon.  It felt healthy and I felt like I was even getting some fiber, electrolytes, and antioxidants from the rind.


Their Story 

Started in 2013 WTRMLN WTR solves a problem for melon farmers because it uses any watermelons that are not fit to take to market because of a blemish, sunburn, or bruise. The flesh and rind are cold pressed and filtered to release the flavorful and nutritionally packed juice used to create these beverages.

While the makers of this juice want you to enjoy WTRMLN WTR as a part of your daily routine as post-workout recovery drink and natural electrolyte beverage, you can also use it to make a watermelon infused cocktail.  No need to wait until the summer when watermelons are in season, the delicious watermelon juice is bottled up and ready to use year-round.

Check out a fabulous recipe for a Mellini.

Available at Safeway for $3.99 for a 12 oz bottle, or you can pick up the 33.8 oz size on sale for $5.00 through January 21st in the refrigerated beverage section in the produce aisle.  Starting January 19th there will be a new personalized Just for U digital coupon available while supplies last.  Simply check your account to see if you have this offer.




We have partnered with the WTRMLN WTR team to give away a 6-pack case of WTRMLN WTR.  You have 6 ways to enter the giveaway and one lucky winner will get a case of WTRMLN WTR sent to their house.

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This post is sponsored by WTRMLN WTR.  All opinions and photographs are our own.


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  1. I have always heard watermelon is good for you and full of many nutrients. I always loved eating the ends of watermelon because as you are spooning your pieces you get a good amount of watermelon juice to drink at the end. Glad to see it is finely in a bottle. Can’t wait to try it.

  2. I love WTRMLN WTR !!! I would love to try to new GNGR blend because of the health benefits ginger brings to the table. Watermelon + Ginger sounds like a match made in heaven!

  3. I love the Watermelon Lemonade it is so amazing! If I win I the first flavor I would try is the Watermelon Tart Cherry because I have read how amazing Tart Cherry is for relaxing muscles so it would be a perfect refreshment after a workout!

  4. Definitely the watermelon flavor would be my first try! I like how “cloudy” the drink is because it’s more like a “juice” than “flavored water”

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