YQ Yogurt Review – New High Protein, Reduced Sugar Yogurt from Yoplait

 YQ Yogurt Review

YQ Yogurt by Yoplait – New at Safeway

Smarter, not sweeter. That’s the philosophy behind YQ by Yoplait™, a new yogurt made with ultra-filtered milk that delivers big on protein with an intentionally less sweet taste.

YQ by Yoplait™ Plain yogurt brings the yogurt category a new 1-gram-sugar-per-serving option, while packing 17 grams of protein in each 5.3 oz. serving. The flavored varieties deliver 9 grams of sugar — 40 percent less than the leading Greek low-fat yogurt – and are lightly sweetened with just the right amount of cane sugar, real fruit and natural flavors. Flavored varieties also deliver 15 grams of protein per 5.3 oz. serving and are available in 8 flavors including Coconut, Peach, Mango, Lime, Strawberry, Blueberry and Vanilla. Plain and Vanilla are also available in 26 oz. tubs.

Yoplait YQ Yogurt flavors
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The low sugar yogurt is possible because YQ uses ultra-filtered milk which is filtered to remove most of the lactose—a naturally occurring sugar in milk.  Then they add cultures that eat even more lactose. What you’re left with is yogurt-cultured ultra-filtered milk.

YQ by Yoplait Yogurt Review:

I picked up the YQ Yogurt by Yoplait in plain, blueberry, strawberry and vanilla at my local Safeway to give it a try.  I was completely intrigued because ultra filtered milk is know to be a better alternative for people who struggle with lactose intolerance (like me) because the lactose is filtered out of the milk.  I am also intrigued because as much as I love yogurt, it normally has a ton of sugar, which I try to avoid to maintain a healthy weight and with the promise of 1 gram of sugar  – I thought this has to be too good to be true.

YQ by Yoplait Yogurt Plain flavor is creamy, smooth, thick, but not as thick as a Greek yogurt and it has a very mild yogurt flavor.  It does not have that tartness like Greek yogurt or Icelandic yogurts, which was super surprising to me.  I made a yogurt granola bowl with the plain yogurt topped with organic granola, almond, coconut chips, fresh raspberries and a drizzle of honey and it was delicious. The best part – no tummy ache from the yogurt!

The Strawberry Yogurt was delicious, creamy, smooth and a great strawberry flavor.  The blueberry was also creamy, smooth and had a mild tart blueberry flavor.  The vanilla flavored yogurt was the biggest surprise to me because it has small black flecks of real vanilla pods in the yogurt.  It’s absolutely delicious!

YQ Yogurt by Yoplait is available at Safeway in the yogurt aisle and retails for $1.49 a cup.  It’s on sale this week through August 21st for $1.33 per cup.  I’m sure we will start to see coupons for this new ultra-filtered yogurt soon.

YQ Yogurt

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  1. The information on sugar content is not accurate–if you look at the product website it says 9 grams per serving for flavored varieties. As far as I can tell, only the plain is 1 gram per serving.

    1. Hi – thanks for your comment, I do say the flavored varieties have 9 grams of sugar above. You correct that just the plain has 1 gram of sugar.

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