$5 Sushi Friday at Safeway

$5 Sushi Friday Safeway

$5 Sushi Fridays

Sushi fans rejoice!  Safeway offers fresh sushi made in-store daily for just $5 on Fridays. Perfect for a quick lunch, quick dinner, or even an afternoon snack.

Select Safeway locations to have a full-service sushi bar, where professionally trained sushi chefs hand roll sushi in-store daily.   You can get your Tiger Roll fix, or create your own sushi roll by selecting your grain (brown or white rice), filling, toppings and sauces!

The standard sushi options available include salmon rolls, tuna rolls, crunchy rolls, veggie rolls, California rolls, and Tiger Rolls. There are also mixed roll packages available for purchase. 

The Tiger Roll is a cooked sushi roll featuring crispy shrimp tempura and imitation crab combined with fresh cucumber, avocado, sweet unagi sauce, and sushi rice inside nori seaweed.


The $5 Friday Susi Options:

Every Friday, Safeway offers sushi for $5.  This is a great value for what you get!  The $5 Sushi options include:

  • Spicy Tuna Rolls which have raw Ahi tuna, avocado, and cucumber rolled in seaweed and sushi rice
  • Crunchy Rolls have crabmeat, cucumber, and avocado with sushi rice rolled in seaweed, topped with fried onion, spicy sauce, and eel sauce.
  • Cream Cheese Rolls feature imitation crab, avocado cream cheese, asparagus rolled in seaweed with sushi rice. 
  • Veggie Rolls feature crunchy carrots, avocado and cucumber rolled in seaweed and sushi rice.
  • California Rolls feature imitation crab with mayo, cucumber, and avocado rolled in seaweed and sushi rice.

Safeway even has brown sushi rice so you can enjoy your sushi with a healthier rice option. 

Each sushi package comes with a side of wasabi, some pickled ginger, and a packet of soy sauce so you can enjoy it properly by dipping in the spicy wasabi soy sauce at home. 



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