Albertsons Just for U Coupons and Savings App Now Available

Albertsons Just for U

Albertsons Just For U

Albertsons customers can now take advantage of the Just for U Savings tool for digital coupons and personalized offers.

Just for U was originally launched by Safeway in 2012 for all Safeway banner stores and has been widely successful in helping customers save money on groceries they buy.  With the merger of the two companies, Albertsons customers can now take advantage of the digital offers available to all Safeway customers.

Albertson’s customers do not need a Safeway loyalty card and they can sign up for Just for U by downloading the Albertsons app, or by signing up online on

Each time you shop, your shopping behavior is remembered, which triggers personalized prices, coupons and offers that reward customers based on their purchase behavior.



Albertsons Just for U is available online, and as an app on iPhone and Android smartphones.  Read more about how Just for U works at both Safeway and Albertsons stores here.

How to Register for Albertsons Just for U:

1. Download the Just for U App onto your phone

2. Register for Just for U

1. Enter Phone Number Used at Checkout

2.Enter Email address

3.Create an 8-12 character password

4.Enter Zip Code, Select your Store

5. Select a security question & answer

6. Accept Terms & Conditions

7. Submit to register

8. Add offers with the App

9. Use your Phone Number at checkout and save


SuperSafeway is a blog devoted to helping you find the best deals at Safeway and Albertsons in the Denver division, which includes Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming, South Dakota and New Mexico.  Every week we slice and dice the ad and tell you the best deals with and without coupons.

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* Please note – Savings information is based on Colorado pricing and the Safeway Coupon Policy for the Denver Division. Your market may vary.*

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9 thoughts on “Albertsons Just for U Coupons and Savings App Now Available”

  1. I was just at the store and it said my E-mail didn’t match for a Digital coupon. I don’t understand why it didn’t match

  2. I can’t download my just4u appt. I only have a tablet, no internet on my phone, why does it have to be so hard? Why can’t you just give us a card for that, make it easier for us senior citizens and everyone!!!!

    1. The idea sounded great. We don’t have a smart phone, so tried to download the coupons we wanted. Tried everything!! No luck. Totally frustrated!

  3. I have shopped Albertsons for over 35 years. I have used the just for you app since it came out. Today I didn’t get the discounts and money off total, because they said I Didn’t check my items added to my list. When did this start? I haven’t ever had to do this . I ended spending at least $10 more. This really upsets me. I shop Albertsons on e Southfield. Shreveport.
    They have lost a very faithful customer.

    1. I’m sorry to hear of your trouble! We are an independent blog, not directly affiliated with Safeway. Did you pass your comments along to the Just for U customer service team? I’m sure they would want to know about your experience.

    1. Hi – It should be tied to your phone number, so you shouldn’t necessarily need the card at checkout, but you can call the Just for U Customer Care at 1-877-258-2799 and they can help you further.

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