HOT! Sunkist Cara Cara Oranges and Blood Oranges 3 lb. Bags Just $2.50 at Safeway



New Sunkist Citrus Coupon

WOW – this is such a great deal, just in time to celebrate the citrus season –   print a new RARE $2.00 off 2 Sunkist Citrus Coupon and you can get 2 bags of Cara Cara Oranges and/or Blood Oranges for just $2.50 a bag at Safeway. 

This is a 50% savings on delicious seasonal produce. 

Be sure to check out a delicious recipe for a blood orange and fennel salad here

What is a Blood Orange?

Blood oranges get their name from the maroon color of their interior, which can vary in intensity.

They offer a distinct, rich orange taste with a hint of fresh raspberry.  The peel, orange in color and often also showing a red blush, helps to distinguish it from other oranges.

Blood oranges are available from December through June.


What is a Cara Cara orange?

Cara Cara oranges are pink-fleshed citrus fruits that originated as a mutation that occurred on a Washington Navel orange tree in 1976. The first mutated fruit was found at Hacienda Cara Cara in Venezuela and thus was given the name Cara Cara.

Cara Cara oranges are extremely sweet and have a slightly lower acidity than Navels with a hint of cranberry or blackberry flavor. Furthermore, aside from their supreme taste and beautiful coloring, Cara Cara oranges contain 20 percent more vitamin C and 30 percent more vitamin A when compared to regular Navel oranges.

  • Cara Cara oranges offer the most vitamin C of the Sunkist citrus varieties, with 100% of the recommended daily intake in just one orange.
  • They may look like Navel oranges on the outside, but the seedless interior has a rich pink hue due to the natural presence of lycopene.
  • Cara Cara oranges are available from December through May.

cara cara oranges

Sunkist Orange Coupon


Reg. $4.99, you’ll save 50% and pay just$.83/lb. for these delicious oranges!



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