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Check back soon as we will have a live feed of the newest and most popular Safeway Just for U coupons here on SuperSafeway!

Read more about the Safeway Just for U program here.

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10 thoughts on “Just for U Coupons”

  1. My wife uses her “smart” phone to take pictures of the bar codes of products on sale.
    When we check out, we find that it was a waste of time because we aren’t getting the sale prices.

    1. Are you entering your phone number at the terminal at checkout? The sale prices and coupons come off when you enter your club card number before checkout.

  2. David Paul Chadwick

    Getting real tired that I can’t find the the Just 4 U site. Trying to figure out how to use a smart phone just doesn’t cut it. A lot of us senior citizens don’t have smart phones. If things don’t change in the next month or two than I will no longer use Safeway after 23 years of shopping there. What is the purpose of “Just 4 U”

  3. The heck with your digital games….if I do not carry a cell phone or am not adept with using it, I lose out on deals that others receive. Well screw U and your games….go back to Monopoly…I’ll shop elsewhere!

  4. I do not have the smart phone capability to be able to click on the just-for-u-coupons.
    In the past I have been able to sign in and click on the digital coupons and it would attach them to my card or phone number. I can no longer find the page to do this. I feel like those of us who can not afford fancy phones, and by the way probably need the help of the coupons more, are discriminated against by making it almost impossible to find the page to sign up for these coupons. Surely you could make a page that would be easy for seniors to find and easily access!

  5. I have not been unable to access the digital coupons for a few months now. I have been shopping at this local Safeway for 18 years now. I find it inconvenient that you offer some coupons in an add but yet different or special ones on line that I can not access. Not fair. Since we have to have a card (which I do) we should be able to get the savings from all the deals going on in your store. So unfair. And since I retired from the industry I find this a game I don’t much care for.

  6. Just 4 U is very sporadic. Once in a while I can successfully log on but lately I have been unable to log on even though I changed my password a few weeks ago. I can’t log on using either of the passwords. Very frustrating!

  7. I am unable to access the digital coupons that I saw in the week’s sales ad in The Washington Post flyer. I have been able to click on the desired digital coupons in the past, but can’t do it today. How do I click on current digital coupons? Thanks.

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