Monday Cheap Chicken Deal at Safeway


Safeway Cheap Chicken Deal

Got a case of the Mondays or have a busy evening in store? Safeway’s Monday Cheap Chicken deal is the perfect dinner solution! Stop in and grab 8 pieces of fried chicken for just $7.99 from the Safeway deli. 

The everyday price for the 8-piece chicken is $8.99 – so you are saving $1 with this deal!

You get 2 wings, 2 legs, 2 thighs, and 2 breasts for this super low price.

It comes in a bucket so you can serve your family on the cheap and save on clean-up as well!

Fried chicken is the perfect meal plan solution when you don’t have time to cook! That’s one heck of a deal!  The chicken is outstanding, and my kiddos always ask when we can get the “cheep” chicken from Safeway.

While you are in the deli – be sure to try Safeway’s new Firecracker Chicken Sandwich

Safeway Cheap Chicken Monday Signature Cafe Fried Chicken Sale and Coupon 

  • Signature Cafe 8-piece fried chicken on sale for $6.99 (valid on Mondays only)

Be sure to check your Safeway for U account for any additional coupons for the chicken.  Frequently, digital coupons are available to load to your account for extra savings. 



Safeway Cheap Chicken Monday


The pricing used to be $5.99, then in 2021 it moved up to $6.99, and in 2023 went up again to $7.99.


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7 thoughts on “Monday Cheap Chicken Deal at Safeway”

  1. This expired 05/16 2021. Please update or delete to avoid further misunderstanding/aggravations among the chicken cheap-os.

  2. I purchased the fried chicken today and after eating a piece of it, I noticed that my tongue started to swell. I read the back which lists the ingredients and one of them is SHRIMP. Why is fried chicken containing shrimp? I am allergic to shellfish. I will never buy it again! I have to take benadryl! Hopefully this helps.

    1. I’m so sorry to hear that happened to you. Since the deli personnel fry the chicken daily, it could be that it’s fried in the same fryers and oil as the shrimp, not that it contains shrimp.

  3. I purchased 8 pcs of roasted chicken on Monday Feb. 3, 2020. It was very good!

    Can you please give me the list of ingredients used. I’m having an allergic reaction to something and I’m trying to track it down. Thanks so much!

    1. I had an allergic reaction. One of the ingredients lists shrimp and I am allergic. Why or what would be reason for shrimp in fried chicken. Now I have to take benadryl so that my face doesn’t swell.

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