New Open Nature Dog Food, Natural & Grain Free


New Open Nature Dog Food Line

If you are looking for a more natural and grain-free food option for your pet, you’ll find a new line of Open Nature Dog Food and Cat Food available in the pet aisle at your local Safeway or Albertson’s affiliate.

The new line comes in both wet and dry dog and cat foods and there are both natural grain varieties like brown rice and oatmeal as well as grain-free flavors that contain no artificial colors, no artificial flavors and the main protein is the first ingredient in the product. 

A perfect option for anyone trying to find a more natural alternative for your pet, you should consider the Open Nature line.  The Open Nature mantra is simple food made with ingredients from nature without any artificial flavors.   

You can feel good about giving your pet ingredients like real chicken, carrots, blueberries, brown rice, oatmeal, dried peas, sweet potatoes, flaxseeds, and more.

Natural & Grain-Free Dog Food Options

The Open Nature Dry Dog Food line comes in a 4 lb. bag, a 6 lb. bag, and an 11 lb. bag for a great price point (starting at $7.99)  available in the following flavors:

  • Puppy Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe
  • Adult Chicken & Brown Rice
  • Grain-free Chicken & Chickpea
  • Lamb & Brown Rice
  • Grain-free Salmon & Chickpea
  • Adult Grain-free Chicken & Chickpea Dog Food


The Open Nature Wet Dog Food line comes in a 13.2 oz can and retails for $1.19 a can.  It’s available in the following flavors:

  • Chicken & Vegetables Dinner in Gravy Adult Dog Food
  • Grain-Free Beef & Vegetables in Gravy
  • Turkey & Sweet Potato Stew Adult Dog Food
  • Grain-free Beef & Chicken Adult Dog Food
  • Grain-free Chicken
  • Lamb Dinner Adult Dog Food


open nature wet dog food

Open Nature Cat Food Line

If you have a cat and are looking for a more natural and grain-free open, the Open Nature Cat Food products are available in the following flavors in a 4 lb. bag for $11.99:

  • Grain-Free Chicken & Chickpea Adult Cat Food
  • Grain-Free Kitten Chicken & Chickpea Cat Food 


open nature cat food

There are six flavors of the Open Nature wet cat food available in a 5.5 oz can that retail for $.79 a can including:

  • Chicken & Beef
  • Turkey & Salmon
  • Grain-free Shredded Salmon
  • Grain-free Turkey & Giblets
  • Grain-free Shredded Chicken
  • Grain-free Chicken & Whitefish

Lots of options to keep your kitty satisfied!

There are frequently digital coupons available in Safeway’s Just for U App for extra savings on the Open Nature Dog Food and Cat Food lines. 

Open Nature Grain Free Dog Food Review

I purchased the puppy Chicken & Chickpea dry dog food for my pup Charlie and she seems to like it. 

I feel good that chicken is the first ingredient and I appreciate all the natural ingredients in the dog food including pea protein, brown rice, oatmeal, carrots, blueberries, kelp, cranberries, and more.

This product also comes with a 100% money-back guarantee, so if your pet doesn’t like it, you can take it back for a full refund.

Open Nature Grain Free Dog Food

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54 thoughts on “New Open Nature Dog Food, Natural & Grain Free”

    1. No it’s not. Some items have brown rice and barley. You can read the ingredient list for each dog food item on under Shop.

  1. What’s the nutritional difference between the puppy chicken and brown rice and the adult chicken and brown rice? i have a small breed (adult yorkie) and the puppy kibble size is just right but i think the adult kibble size would be a bit large. wondering if i can just feed her the puppy formula for life.

  2. I purchased the Chicken and Brown Rice Puppy Formula. My very fussy English Setter gobbled up the bowl and then looked up at me and turned up his “smile”. I’m am going to purchase this dog food again. The ingredients seem healthy.


    1. Hi – The complete ingredients are listed for the products on the grocery delivery website. There is nothing hidden – all the information is public for anyone to see on any product sold at Safeway on their website.

  4. Any recalls on “Open Nature” dry/wet dog food that anyone has seen. Checked with my normal websites and found no recalls.

    Thank you.

    1. Not that I am aware of. I purchase the Open Nature Dog food every month, so I’m sure I would certainly be notified if there was.

  5. Says ‘Money Back Guarantee’ and my cat would not eat the dry food I bought. My dog ate the dog dry food & loves the can food. I figured my cat would too. She didn’t. Refused to eat it eventually. So who do I contact, assuming I actually find the receipt?

  6. I don’t see Glucosamine listed on the bag. I wanted to know how much of glucosamine and chondroitin are in the Chicken and Brown Rice dry dog food.

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