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Open Nature Diapers

Open Nature Free & Clear Diapers

If you’ve been down the baby aisle recently, you’ll likely have noticed several new diaper lines at Safeway.  With more consumers looking for Eco-Friendly Diapers, Safeway has released a new diaper line.

Eco-Friendly Diapers are better for the well-being of babies and their skin. The new Open Nature Free & Clear Diapers and wipes are free of chlorine, fragrances, lotions and natural and synthetic latex.  Made with plant-based materials, these Eco-Friendly Diapers which help soothe and restore health to the skin and keep the baby feeling fresh throughout the day.

Benefits of the Eco-Friendly Diapers

  • The diapers have comfy side-stretch panels to provide a good fit for the baby.
  • The inner and outer liners contain plant-based biopolymers that are soft of the baby’s skin.
  • The moisture barrier is plant-based to pull wetness away from baby’s skin and lock it away to keep your baby dry.
  • The diaper core is made of traditional super absorbent polymers blended with renewable absorbent materials and wood pulp fiber that is not treated with chlorine or chlorine dioxide.

Price of Open Nature Free & Clear Diapers

Eco friendly diapers will be pricier than the traditional diapers, but for many moms they are worth it because your little one won’t be making physical contact around the clock with chlorine, dyes, and synthetic additives.

  • The new Open Nature diapers cost $9.99 for a jumbo pack.  The size 2 pack has 36 diapers which is $.27 per diaper.

How does this price compare to other Free & Clear Diapers at Safeway?  Both Seventh Generation and The Honest Company Diapers are $13.99 for a jumbo pack, which makes the cost per diaper $.45 each, so you get a better value with the Open Nature brand.

Open Nature Free & Clear Wipes

The Open Nature Free & Clear Baby Wipes are 100% plant-based fiber wipes with no dyes, no parabens, no phtalates and they free of alcohol.  Open Nature fragrance-free wipes are made using purified water and skin-soothing ingredients and enhanced with cotton.

The thick, soft wipes are gentle enough for use on baby’s face hands and bottom.  They are also never tested on animals.  The wipes are made with 98% water-based cleansing solution that includes purified water, cucumber, calendula flower, licorice root extract, aloe and chamomile flower extract.

You can see the chart below for the ingredients and their function in the wipe.

open nature free & clear wipes ingredients

Review of Open Nature Free & Clear Diapers and Wipes

While my kiddos are out of diapers, I have a 7-month-old nephew and a 1-year-old niece who tested the diapers and wipes, and the feedback I got from my family was that the diapers worked great!  No leaks, no skin irritations, no issues!  They also like the smell of the wipes and they like the price point better than the name brand natural diapers.

The best part is that both the diapers and the wipes come with a 100% quality and satisfaction guarantee, so if you try them and they don’t work for your little one, you can return for your money back.


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  1. We got these for my nephew thinking they would be ok since they’re supposed to be all natural and hypoallergenic. Within a couple hours he already had a red butt and bumps. Definitely would not recommend

  2. My daughter had a horrible reaction to these. Red bumps all over her diaper area and face (we wipe off food with wipes). Anyone else have this issue? I will be returning for a refund.

  3. Love these diapers! They don’t leak and are super cute. My son wears them at night. I’d love to see a pull-up version!!

  4. I’d really like the ingredients for these! My son wears them and I love them. He doesn’t leak at all like he did with ever other brand and no rash. However I’d like to buy a bigger quantity in box but can’t find them.

  5. They definitely need a more gender friendly print all of the flowers are way girly. It’s my only complaint and why I don’t buy them. Only for at night.

  6. How can I get in contact with this company. My child had horrible reaction to this “plant based” diaper. I can not find a website or anything and obviously I need to know what she’s allergic to so she does t ingest it and have greater issues. The hives and rash in her diaper area are disheartening

  7. What type of plant material is used in the diapers? I have an extremely soy sensitive child and wondering if soy plant is used in the creation

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