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New Save Inserts

The branding saga of the Valassis coupon inserts continues with yet another rebrand. RetailMeNot Everyday is now “Save” with bright yellow branding.

Once known as Valassis, then known as RedPlum, then known as RetailMeNot Everyday – the free-standing inserts (FSI’s) are now called Save and there is a corresponding consumer website, to go along with the new FSI name.   Although – there is currently nothing on the website to draw you other than an email opt-in form. 

Vericast, the parent company of insert publisher Valassis, announced that the RetailMeNot Everyday insert will be rebranded effective February 24th. 

“We are excited about the launch of Save, as it is such an important and valuable way for brands to connect with consumers and showcase new products and offers,” Vericast Senior Vice President of Marketing Carrie Parker said in a statement.

According to CouponsintheNews, “the name change became a necessity after Vericast sold the online coupon code site RetailMeNot last fall. It had acquired the company just a few years before, and retired its decade-old RedPlum brand in favor of the more synergistic name RetailMeNot Everyday.”

But the sale of RetailMeNot left the company in the awkward position of publishing and distributing coupon inserts named after someone else’s brand.

So the company turned to a name that Valassis already owned, since 1999, Save.

The launch announcement of the Save FSI comes with a rather disappointing insert – a one-pager with three total coupons.  Hopefully, that is not a sign of things to come for this publication. 

Digital coupons in the U.S. surpassed redemptions of paper coupons for the first time during the second quarter 2020, according to Inmar Intelligence.

However, Valassis’ “2020 Consumer Intel Report” based on surveys from the fourth quarter of 2019 and a follow-up in June 2020 found that, while the popularity of digital coupons continues to increase, “consumers still rely heavily on paper coupons, and they continue to account for the largest share of coupons distributed and redeemed.”

Why should you care about the name change?

Really the only reason you might care is in the Safeway coupon matchup, you will see a combination of coupon sources labeled as RMN (for RetailMeNot) and Save.  Eventually, all the RMN coupon sources will be phased out and you’ll only see Save. 


Interesting highlights from Valassis’ coupon survey findings:

  • Seventy-one percent of shoppers use print coupons, down from 77 percent in the 2019 survey and well off the recent peak of 93 percent in 2018;
  • Seventy-three percent use digital coupons, up from 67 percent in 2019;
  • Sixty percent use both print and digital coupons, up from 53 percent in 2019;
  • While they plan their shopping, 40 percent look for printed coupons, 34 percent look for digital coupons or discounts, 25 percent read store emails, and 26 percent use a store’s mobile app.


Hopefully, this will be the last name change and there will be a digital strategy to support the new site, but history has shown we cannot predict what will happen. 

Obviously, we don’t care what it’s called as long as the coupons are still available.


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