NEW Safeway Deals and Grocery Delivery App


New Safeway Deals & Delivery App

Shop, save, and earn all in one app!

In an effort to offer seamless grocery delivery and savings to shoppers, Safeway has launched a new integrated deal and delivery app that replaces the previous Safeway Just for U app. 

The new app allows shoppers to get deals, digital coupons, order groceries for pick-up or delivery, and manage gas and grocery rewards all in one app.  Previously, ordering groceries required a separate app. 

If you have not received the update to your existing app, you will soon as all current Just for U accounts are set to update by August 4th. You can always update your app version manually in the app store or google play. 

The Just for U experience is not impacted by this app update at this time. 

How to Use the New Safeway App

As with all things new, it may take some time to get used to the changes and new features.   See below for a complete tutorial about how to use the new app. 

Sign in to the New App

The app will prompt you to enter your email or mobile number to sign in or create your account. 

For an existing Just for U account,  enter your email to link to your existing Just for U account in the new app.   You will receive an email with a verification code to enter into the new app to authenticate your account. 

If you enter your mobile number and it’s not linked to your Just for U account, it will create a new Just for U account. 

If you are new to Just for U, download the app on google play here or the app store here and enter your mobile number and follow the prompts to start saving with the Safeway app and loyalty programs. 


What’s NEW?

The tabs across the bottom have been updated. 

On the Home tab, you are able to search for products or use the bar code to see if deals are available and add the items to your shopping list or cart. 

You can also select or change your store location and indicate if you want to order delivery, pick-up, or shop in-store by making a list. 

When you scroll up, you can also see the Safeway Weekly Ads and savings on Safeway’s exclusive brands from the home page. 

safeway app home screen

Browse Products

In the Browse tab, you can search for products by using the search bar, or by browsing the categories/aisles in the app.   View product selection and pricing and add items to your cart for delivery or pickup. 



U Deals

The U Deals tab allows you to search for digital coupons/deals by category, purchase history, promo, and more.  

You can even filter by All Deals, Expiring Soon, New, Recommended, and Coupon Center. 

Note – by filtering on New or Coupon Center in the U Deals tab, you can see the latest digital coupon offers that are available. 

One of the best features of the new app is when you click on the deal image, you are shown the corresponding products associated with the offer.

If you click to add a product from this screen, it is added to your shopping cart at the top of the app, rather than your shopping list.

When you clip a deal, it is added to your account and shown under My List. 

Under the categories listing, you will see the savings events for your specific Safeway division, which could include Best Deals of the Week, Extreme Value Deals, Free offers, online promotions, Starbucks Cafe offers,  and weekly ad coupons. 

just for u coupons in new safeway app


My List

Use My List to view offers added to your list by category.  You can also view your order history of grocery delivery or pickup orders through the app for easy list creation and view clipped deals to manage your list in the store by aisle. 

safeway app _my_list

My Cart

At the top right corner is your shopping cart for grocery delivery and pick-up orders.  You can view your list and offers, place your order and select your delivery or pickup time.

Note – you must have a $30 minimum order to schedule grocery delivery or pickup unless you are a Safeway Fresh Pass member.



Safeway Rewards are now visible under the member tab in the app.  Under “Wallet” you can view your clipped deals, rewards, and points and use a contactless digital member QR code that can be scanned at checkout to access your offers while skipping the keypad.  You can also use contactless pay through your phone’s wallet to pay for your groceries in this tab. 

Under FreshPass, you can see the benefits of signing up for Safeway’s unlimited grocery delivery program plus perks for $99 a year.  


Be sure to leave a review and comment below letting me know your thoughts about the new app. 



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* Please note – Savings information is based on Colorado pricing and the Safeway Coupon Policy for the Denver Division which includes Colorado, Nebraska, New Mexico, Wyoming and South Dakota. Your market may vary. Prices may vary per location*







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13 thoughts on “NEW Safeway Deals and Grocery Delivery App”

  1. I can’t even sign into the new app! Keeps saying they are having technical difficulties and check back later. Super annoying.

    1. Hi Kenneth – Did you download the app through google play or the app store? I’ve never seen a notification of a virus in an app through those approved channels.

  2. This new app is a mess. Where do I add my Safeway Club Card number? Since my card is getting old, I should get a new one. When I get a new one, where do I change the number in this app?

    1. Hi Rob, I’m sorry you are having trouble. Did you have a Safeway Just for U account in the past that you used on a mobile device? If yes – then you need to log in using your email address associated with your account so that your rewards, purchase history, and everything shows up on your account. If you did not have a Safeway Just for U account, you can create one using your mobile phone number in the app.

      Note – You should not get a new card as all your purchase history and rewards from your current card number are part of the rewards and loyalty benefits of using Safeway for U.

      1. Yes, I have a Safeway Just For U account.

        “you need to log in using your email address associated with your account”

        Where? Where, specifically, in this app is there a log in? I’m using the relatively new iPhone app. Where do I log in? I’d expect to find it in the tab at the bottom of the app labelled “Member,” but if it’s there, I can’t find it. Please list the steps to where the log in is found in this app.

        1. Hi Rob. If you are already logged into the app, you’ll need to sign out to login with your current Safeway Just for U email address. On the home page of the app, click on the three horizontal lines (menu icon) next to the store details, then click Sign Out. Once you are signed out, ignore the little message that pops up from Safeway/Albertsons that says you have a current account tied to your mobile phone number. (That is your new account that was created tied to your mobile #) Click on the Email option on the signup screen and log in using your Safeway Just for U account. The app will prompt you with a verification code sent to your email before allowing you to continue.

          If needed, I’m happy to create a screen recording of my device and share it with you. Eva SuperSafeway

  3. Is there any way to go back to using the older version of the app the new one is way to confusing please simplify it for people that just want to shop in store because I’m finding myself shopping at other stores more often to avoid the headaches

  4. Is there a step by step tutorial online anywhere? The one listed above doesn’t show all the steps. I need to know how to put items in my cart. How to get the deal to actually come out and show on my receipt. How to clear cart after I check out. New app is too confusing. Old app I could use.

    1. Hi Mary – Sorry for the difficulty. I’m happy to help. Are you wanting me to show you how to add the coupons or how to add the items for grocery delivery or pick-up? 2 totally different processes. Please let me know and I can create a short tutorial. Thanks.

  5. I find the new app VERY confusing and inaccurate , since I want to shop at the store and not pickup or delivery. The old app had deficiency’s, but at least I could add the digital coupons and just for U specials to my list. Even the clerk couldn’t understand why clipped deals weren’t working. She tore out the coupon from the store ad and scanned it to give me the discount. She said they were frustrated with the new app too.

    1. Yes, I’ve heard from many people that they are having a hard time with the new app – it will take time and practice to master.

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