Safeway Limits Number of Shoppers to Support Social Distancing


Health & Safety Updates

In an effort to support social distancing while grocery shopping, Safeway has implemented several new policies to help people stay 6 feet apart while shopping.

These new steps are in addition to the changes that Safeway has made thus far in light of the Coronavirus.

Limiting Number of Shoppers

Safeway is limiting the number of customers allowed in the stores at one time.  The number of customers allowed in stores will vary by store and be capped at 30% of building code capacity.

Additionally, only one entry will be open if there are multiple entrances at your local store and an employee will be standing at the door allowing people in based on a one in, one out basis.   This metered approach will help ensure that social distancing is observed in the store.  For shoppers waiting outside, there are cones showing where to stand to maintain 6 feet of space or 2 shopping carts distance between shoppers in front or behind you.

One Way Aisles

One way aisles are being implemented across all stores with floor markers dictating direction.  Please follow the markers and organize your shopping list by aisle so that you don’t have to go all the way back around the aisle to get something you’ve missed.


Expanded Senior Shopper Hours

Dedicated shopping hours for seniors and people with compromised immune systems have been expanded to include Wednesday mornings.  The new senior shopping hours are 7-9 a.m. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.  Please respect these times for seniors and immune-compromised shoppers.

Masks to be Supplied to All Employees

Safeway is encouraging associates to wear protective masks.  A  supply of masks will be distributed as soon as possible to meet the new recommendations by the CDC.


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