No Safeway Monopoly Game 2022


Safeway Monopoly Game – Shop, Play Win

The Safeway Monopoly Game 2022 is not happening this year.

Due to supply chain shortages nationwide, there will not be a Monopoly Game in 2022. 




New in 2021

The prize options are worth $230 million in cash, prizes, and money-saving offers this year!

There will be one $1M cash prize available as an Instant Win Ticket as well as a Vacation Home Prize valued at $250,000, Groceries for Life Prize (awarded as $25,00 in Gift Cards and $175,000 cash), 3 Vehicle of Choice Prizes valued at $50,000, 5 Mortgage for a Year Prizes valued at $25,000, two $100,000 Instant Prizes, a mortgage payoff prize, over 4 million instant digital prizes and a daily $1,000 Sweepstakes Giveaways plus more great prizes!.

See below for details on how to play the Monopoly game at Safeway and Albertsons banners listed above,  the game pieces, how to play digitally, and more! Each week we will highlight the Monopoly game bonus ticket items on sale in the Safeway Weekly Ad Preview and in the Safeway Sale and Coupon Matchups.

The Monopoly game tickets will be available at all Safeway, Albertsons, United  Supermarkets, Tom Thumb, Jewel-Osco, VONS, Amigos, Carrs, Star Market, Pavilions, Acme and Randall’s stores.  The tickets will be given out until May 4th and you can play online through May 18th.   

How to Play Monopoly at Safeway 2021:

Step 1: Register to play

Download the shopplaywin app and login with your Safeway Just for U account information.  Alternatively, you can play online at  You must also have a Just for U account to play.  It can be an online account or an app account, but it is essential to play Monopoly.   Read all about Just for U here.

Step 2: Get Monopoly Instant Win Game Tickets

Every time you shop at Safeway and purchase specially tagged participating Monopoly items, you will get a game ticket.  You can get extra game tickets for every $25 you spend, up to $100. 

For every 10 participating items in one transaction, you will get an extra bonus ticket.  The cashier will know the number of tickets to give based on a tally on your printed receipt.  

Inside the game tickets, you will find the digital game pieces.  It could be one of the following:

  • Instant Win Prize 
  • SHOP, PLAY, WIN! Digital Game Code
  • Store Coupon

How to Play Shop, Play, Win! Digital Game

There is one bar code with a 16 digit alpha-numeric code on the tickets this year.   You need to scan the bar code with the shopplaywin app or enter the code online at to track your game markers. 

The digital game code will bring up a Match 3 to win screen.  Select 3 cards and hit submit to see if you win. 

If you Match 3 Cards you will see your prize displayed.  If it’s a Just for U cash prize or free product, the prize is loaded directly to your Just for U account under My List.  No need to clip the coupon as it’s automatically added to your account and will be deducted the next time you shop. 


If you do not win, you will have an opportunity to select a consolation prize. 

Choose either the red chance card or the blue chance card to reveal your consolation prize. 


The consolation prizes are tokens that you can use to win bigger prizes like a $1,000 daily cash drawing, a trip to Universal Studios Orlando, a $5,000 vacation, and more prizes shown below. 



Important Notes about the Game Tickets: 

  • Game tickets will only be awarded during the transaction in which they are earned.
  • Customers are limited to one transaction per three-hour period.
  • Purchases made online for Drive Up and Go or home delivery will NOT qualify for Game Tickets. The distribution of the Game Tickets is based on the Market Store’s prior year activity and prior year mail-in requests.

You can also receive one Game Ticket and one bonus Game Ticket (two Game Tickets total) by sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope (“SASE”) to SHOP, PLAY, WIN! Game Ticket Request, Attn: Promotions Coordinator, P.O. Box 3058, Kennesaw, GA 30156.

  • Mail-in requests, including both outer envelope and SASE, must be handwritten and must be postmarked no sooner than MARCH 3, 2021, no later than April 27, 2021 and must be received no later than May 4, 2021.

Monopoly Tokens

You will get tokens as a consolation prize when you don’t match 3 cards.

The tokens can be redeemed for cash or product rewards or an entry into a Token Sweepstakes.   Each token sweepstakes has its own entry requirements and end date.

To play the online game code, scan or enter the Shop, Play, Win Online Code into the app or the website to reveal your online game token prize.  The site or app will reveal if you are a potential winner of tokens.

You can spend the tokens on the daily $1,000 cash sweepstakes, or on the big-ticket sweepstakes like a $1,000,000 super cash prize and more prizes to come!

To spend the tokens, simply select the sweepstake you want to enter and add a token to be entered for that prize.

Lastly, you can spend your tokens on Just for U cash, which is free money loaded directly to your Just for U account, or free products.

  • $5 Just for U Cash is 80 tokens
  • $10 Grocery Gift Card is 150 tokens
  • $15 Just for U Cash is 200 tokens
  • $20 Just for U Cash is 240 tokens
  • $25 just for U Cash is 275 tokens

You can also use the tokens for gas and grocery rewards – 30 tokens get you gas and grocery rewards that are loaded directly to your Safeway Just for U Rewards. 

Gas / Grocery Reward is good for 10¢ off per gallon of gas, up to 25 gallons. Allow up to 24 hours for Gas Rewards to appear in your just for U® program or rewards! program account. Gas Rewards from this promotion will expire at the end of the month following the one in which they were awarded.

You can also redeem tokens for free products.  The free products will require 20-60 tokens depending on the item selected.  The free products are loaded automatically to your Just for U account and displayed under My List. 

As an alternative to Rewards or entries into Token sweepstakes, each Participant can choose to donate 1¢ for each Token to be given to Albertson’s Nourishing Neighbors. A maximum of $250,000 may be awarded in the Promotion to charity (e.g., if 25,000,000 tokens are redeemed).



Monopoly Prizes

Instant Win Prizes:

  • 1 $1M Cash Prize
  • 1 Vacation Home Prize valued at $250,000
  • 1 Groceries for Life Prize (awarded as $25,00 in Gift Cards and $175,000 cash)
  • 3 Vehicle of Choice valued at $50,000
  • 5 Mortgage for a Year valued at $25,000
  • 7 Property Tax for a Year valued at $10,000
  • 70 Groceries for a Year Prizes valued at $5,000 each
  • 100 $1,000 Cash Prizes
  • 300 Utilities for Month prizes valued at $500 each
  • 900 $250 Grocery Gift Card
  • 1,250 $100 Cash prizes
  • 2,000 $50 cash prizes
  • 4,000 $25 Just for U cash prizes
  • 8,000 $10 Just for U cash prizes
  • 40,000 $5 Just for U Cash prizes
  • 200,000 $2.00 Just for U Cash prizes
  • 1,000,000 $1.00 Just for U cash prizes
  • 23M Free Product Prize ranging in value between $.60 and $15.50

Instant Discount Prizes

  • 328M Instant Coupons Offers
  • General Mills Box Tops for Education prizes
  • Free Shutterfly Photobooks
  • Shutterfly Canvas, free prints, ornaments, personalized phone case
  • AmeriGas Propane Tank Exchange
  • Redbox Rental Offers

Match 3 Game Code Prizes

2,173 Prizes; total ARV $1,948,000

  • 1 $100,000 Cash prize
  • 12 $10,000 Cash prizes (one per Division)
  • 216 Groceries for Year prizes (two winners per week per Division) (ARV $5,000 each)
  • 324 $1,000 Cash three winners per week per Division for a total of 27 winners per division)
  • 540 Groceries for a Month Gift Card prizes (five winners per week per Division for a total of 45 winners per division)*** (ARV $400 each);
  • 1,080 Groceries For a Week Gift Card prizes (ninety per Division)*** (ARV $100 each).

Token Prizes & Drawings:

  • 12 $50,000 Big Payday (one guaranteed winner per division) –  you need 3 tokens to enter, the drawing takes place May 19th
  • 4 $25,000 Shopping Sprees – you need 2 tokens to enter and there are 4 drawings – March 24th, April 14th, April 28th and May 19th 
  • 12 $5,000 Vacations – you need 1 token to enter and there are 12 drawings for the vacation prize.
  • 3 Universal Orlando Resort Vacations for Four valued at $6,238 – you need 1 token to enter and there are 3 drawings for this prize – March 26th, April 23rd, and May 19th
  • 1 Spirit Untamed Premiere Trip for Two valued at $5,500 – you need 1 token to enter and the drawing for this prize will take place May 19th
  • 1 Minions Rise of Gru Premiere Trip for Two valued at $5,500 – you need 1 token to enter and the drawing for this prize will take place May 19th 
  • 24 prizes for a Year’s Worth of Gas ($2,000 each) – 2 drawings for each of the 12 divisions – you need 1 token to enter and the drawings take place April 7th and May 20th 
  • 77 $1,000 Cash Prizes

Monopoly Product Coupons

One of the best parts (in this blogger’s opinion) of the new game this year is that game tickets with product coupons must be scanned or entered online rather than handed over as paper coupons in the stores. 

The reason this is so great is that you can scan, shop, and save!  No matter if you are ordering groceries online, using the drive up and go service, or shopping in person, the savings are loaded automatically to your Just for U account, so they deduct automatically when you purchase the items. 

No paper coupons will be accepted in-store.  They must all be scanned or manually entered using the online system.   Once scanned, you can throw the paper coupons away as they cannot be rescanned and we come up as a duplicate.  They have no value in-store, only when entered digitally. 

Once scanned or entered the coupons appear in the Just for U app or on the website under My List.  No need to ‘load’ the coupons as they are automatically loaded and activated.  

The coupons are considered ‘digital store coupons’ and as such can be stacked with manufacturer coupons. 

I do understand the inconvenience for people who don’t have a smartphone or tablet because the 16-digit numeric coupon codes must be entered online manually, but it goes quickly and the coupons are automatically added to your club card. 


Safeway Monopoly Game Board

There is no game board in 2021 – the game is 100% digital and can be played online or through the shopplaywin app.

There will still be game tickets given to customers when they shop.  However, there will not be glue strips on the back and there is no need to stick the pieces to anything unlike in the past games. 

Monopoly Prizes and Safeway Monopoly Rare Game Pieces

Because the game is 100% digital this year – and there is a chance to win the 1M prize through an instant win ticket, the rare game pieces are the big-ticket instant win prizes.

Safeway Monopoly Shop, Play, Win App:

The absolute easiest way to play Monopoly is by downloading the Shop, Play Win app from Google Play for Android or the iTunes App Store to quickly and easily manage all your online game pieces.  Be sure to log in using your Safeway Just for U account

If you don’t have an account, simply register and you can scan the online game bar codes to determine if you are an instant winner and also track your game markers through the app.


How to Play Safeway Monopoly Online

You can watch a video overview about how to play the Safeway Monopoly Game online here: Safeway Monopoly Game 2021 Computer

Step 1: Visit and click on the red box that says PLAY THE GAME



Step 2: Choose Your Store by clicking on the store logo where you shop. 




Step 3: Register for the game by signing in with your Safeway or Albertsons affiliate Just for U login information.  If you do not have a Just for U account, you can sign up for one from this page as well.  You just need an email and your ten-digit phone number associated with your account.  Easy peasy!



Step 4: When you receive a Digital Game Code Ticket, enter the 16 digits alpha-numeric code below the barcode into the site. 





You’ll be prompted to pick 3 cards to match to see if you won in the Match 3 game. 

If you win a cash prize or free product, the item is loaded to your Just for U account, under My List automatically.  If you win a larger prize in the Match 3 game, you will receive an email and you will need to complete a form to redeem for your prize. 

safeway_monopoly_online match_win_Game


If you do not win by matching the cards, you will select a 2nd chance card.  The prizes for the 2nd chances are tokens that you can then redeem for free products, cash, and entries into sweepstakes. 

To redeem your tokens, click on the Red Spend Tokens button on the top left, or navigate through the three-line hamburger navigation button. 




You’ll see your token balance, plus various ways to spend your tokens.  As states in the prizes section above, you can use the tokens for Just for U cash, a daily $1,000 sweepstakes, gas and grocery rewards, free products, and more.

Entering Instant Win Digital Coupons online

If you have product coupon game tickets, the codes must be entered online or scanned via smartphone or tablet.  No paper coupons will be accepted in-store. 

Simply enter the code on the product coupon and the coupon will automatically be added to your Safeway club card/Just for U account. 

You can see it under My List in your account settings.  See the highlighted boxes of the Safeway Just for U site below.  The instant win product prizes and coupons are loaded under My List. 



Last Chance Drawing:

Safeway guarantees a $1M winner. 

 If the one $1M Cash prize is not claimed, then one $1 Million Cash Prize will be awarded through a ‘Last Chance Drawing’.

Each SHOP, PLAY WIN Match 3 Digital Code entered and all SHOP, PLAY, WIN! mail-in entries received by May 18, 2021, will result in an entry into the Last Chance Sweepstakes and will be eligible for the drawing. 

Just for your information – the winner of the 2020 Monopoly Game was a Denver Safeway shopper and she used all her tokens in the 2nd chance sweepstakes drawing for the $1M and was randomly selected, so people do win in the last chance drawings. 

 Therefore, you have better odds of winning in the last chance drawing by scanning all your digital tickets as all digital entries will be eligible for the drawing.

Good luck – may the odds be ever in your favor!





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  1. Yes, I concur with the other posts, this was a monumental waster of time. I had literally 125 tabs. The idea that I had to physically scan them in was a ‘day job’ and thereafter, I never got the benefit of the FREE items nor the matching properties. I will be intersted in the winning results, because despite your purchases, the game is created to wed out the faint of heart. It also creates a problem for those who do not engage QR codees etc – and the unreality of snail mail.
    Yuke 3xs!

  2. I advise EVERYONE should check your monopoly in-store prizes vs the Safeway Just For U app. I noticed even after 24 hours, not all prizes in the Monopoly app shows up in the Safeway app. In addition, the Safeway app isn’t that good. There are errors. After claiming my freebies, the quantity of items didn’t change, I waited a couple days and still didn’t change. Later when I went back thinking I might have still won that item, i was rejected. My family and I peeled and scanned thousands of tickets so we won a lot of instore prizes, unfortunately the app issue is causing a lot of problems in claiming all prizes. I called customer service many times, literally 9 times at this point. All will say they’re working on it, but at the end the app is still showing the wrong amounts even after I synch my shopping list, reinstalled the app, etc. While some issues were fixed, I still get charged for things and have to void the item w/ the cashier. I showed the cashier my app and it just causes a lot of delays, some dont even bother looking at my phone to fix the issue. Hopefully Safeway is reading this blog and check their IT department to fix these bugs! And it’s not just me, 2 other friends experienced similar issues.

    1. Lynn Helferich

      I agree the app is awful I had 132 free items they were checked on my list and they wouldn’t come off.
      Now everything is gone and store would not honor the $435 worth of groceries free. Very frustrating after spending hours scanning tickets.

  3. Susan A Pereira

    The coupons say the last day to scan coupons is May 27, but the app has no place to allow that. A prior reply to a message was that the game ended on May 26. What is going on?

    1. All of the monopoly coupons contain the following wording (at the top of the coupon):

      “Digital Coupon. Must be scanned or entered by 06/18/21. Must be redeemed by 05/27/21.”

      What was extended was the REDEMPTION no later than date — it is now 06/08/21. The SCAN/ENTRY date was not modified; so even though you can continue to redeem/use coupons/instant prizes/match 3 prizes/token prizes — any of the Monopoly things already scanned/entered and thus in your Safeway Just4U, if you have not already entered/scanned your coupons you are out of luck.

      1. Sorry, typo, the “must be scanned or entered by 06/18/21” should be “must be scanned or entered by 05/18/21”.

    1. Hi Robert, the game is over. The last day to scan the game pieces was May 18th. May 26th was the last day to scan the coupon codes and instant win product codes. If you have coupons from Monopoly already loaded to your account, you have until June 8th to redeem in-store.

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