Safeway to Carry Full Strength Beer on January 1st

Colorado Full Strength Beer Safeway

Colorado Safeway Stores to Carry Full Strength Beer Jan 1st

2019 not only represents a new year, it’s the start of a new era for beer sales in Colorado as grocery stores prepare to carry full strength beer for the first time since the 1930’s.  On January 1st, after years of debate, Colorado’s alcohol laws are scheduled to change to effectively erase its 3.2 beer law, a Prohibition-era restriction that prevented most general stores from selling full-strength beer.

Safeway stores across the state have been preparing for this day for months, rearranging store layouts to create space for the new Colorado craft brews in addition to the full strength beer that has been sold as 3.2 beer for years.   If you’ve ever been to the Safeway store on Broadway and Mineral, in Littleton, you’ll have seen the amazing display of Colorado craft beers available from around the state.  This is the one store in the state that has the full liquor license for beer, wine and hard alcohol.  While we can’t expect every Safeway to carry this huge selection, I know they will do their best to carry a vast selection representing popular local craft brews and even new, smaller brews.

While controversial for many small business liquor owners, this is truly a win for consumers who can get their groceries and their beer in one stop.

As a native, I’m thrilled to be able to pick up local craft beers at my neighborhood grocery store.  There are hundreds of Colorado craft brews and this is a fabulous opportunity to try them all over time!

New Colorado Beer Laws

The new law also bring the following changes into effect:

  • All forms of alcoholic beverages will be allowed in most state parks.  Full-strength beer, wine and champagne will be allowed in Denver parks.
  • Convenience and grocery stores with beer licenses can start selling and delivering full-strength beer
  • A limited number of additional grocery stores will be able to sell liquor and wine

Over time, we will see more stores selling wine and liquor, but that is still far away.


Colorado Craft Beers

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