🗞️ New Safeway Deals and Coupons


Safeway Weekly Ad 

Happy April!  You can view the full Safeway weekly ad here.  See below for the highlights of the best deals at Safeway right now with sales and coupons, updated May 19, 2023. 


Safeway Weekly Ad Preview Best Deals Highlights

Here are the highlights of the best deals this week with sales and coupons.  This list also features unadvertised sales and ibotta offers. 

  • $.97 Lucerne Cheese 8 oz with Safeway Digital Coupon
  • 80% Lean Ground beef on sale for $2.47/lb. with Safeway Digital Coupon
  • Cherries on sale for $3.77/lb. with Safeway Digital Coupon
  • $.97 Lucerne Milk 64 with Safeway Digital Coupon
  • $.97 Prego Sauce with Safeway Digital Coupon
  • Nabisco Snack Crackers or OREO Cookies on sale for $1.97 each with Safeway Digital Coupon, limit 2
    • Load Safeway Digital Coupon for $2.00 off 2 Nabisco Triscuit, Wheat Thins or Good Thins Crackers
    • Final Price = $.97 each 
  • Bud Light & Budweiser Beer 12 packs $13.99 each
    • Load Safeway Digital Coupon for $6.00 off when you buy 2 Bud light or Budweiser Beer
    • Final Price = $10.99 each
  • Signature SELECT Ice Cream and Frozen Novelties on sale for $2.47 each when you buy 2
  • Red, Yellow and Orange Bell Peppers on sale for $1.00 each 
  • English Cucumbers on sale for $1.00 each 
  • Pork Shoulder Roast on sale for $1.97/lb.
  • Assorted Pork Chops on sale for $1.97/lb. 
  • Chicken Breasts or Thighs on sale for $2.47/lb. 
  • Lean Cuisine and Stouffer’s entrees on sale for $3.49 each with Safeway Clip or Click Coupon
    • Submit ibotta cash back offer for $$1.50 back on Stouffers Entrees when you buy 2
    • Final Price = $2.74 each 
  • Outshine Yogurt Smoothies on sale for $3.99 (These are not a frozen product – found on an end-cap)
    • Load Safeway Digital Coupon for $2.99 Outshine Smoothies, limit 4
    • and submit ibotta cash back offer for $4.49 back on Outshine Smoothies when you buy 2
    • Final Price = $.75 each 
  • Life Cereal Large Size 18 oz on sale for $3.49 each with Safeway Clip or Click coupon
    • Submit ibotta cash back offer for $.75 back on Life  Cereal, limit 5
    • Final Price = $2.74 each
  • Persil Detergent 40 oz on sale for $3.99 with Safeway Digital Coupon, limit 4
  • SeaPak Seafood Selections on sale for BOGO Free with Safeway Digital Coupon
    • Final Price = $4.49 each 


Ibotta Offers updated 5/4

  • Humm Kombucha $3.99 every day
    • Submit ibotta offer for $3.99 cash back on umm Kombucha
    • Final Price = FREE
  • Yasso Frozen Yogurt Mochi and Poppables on sale for $4.99
    • Submit ibotta cash back offer for $2.00 back on Yasso Frozen Yogurt Mochi and Poppables
    • Final Price = $2.99 
  • Perfect Bar on sale for $2.00 each with a digital coupon when you buy 5
    • Submit ibotta cash back offer for $2.00 back when you buy 3
    • Final Price = $8 total, or $1.60 per bar




* Please note – Savings information is based on Colorado pricing and the Safeway Coupon Policy for the Denver Division, including Colorado, Nebraska, New Mexico, Wyoming, and South Dakota. Your market may vary. Prices may vary per location*

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55 thoughts on “🗞️ New Safeway Deals and Coupons”

  1. every time I shop at Safeway I have to check my receipt very carefully because of overcharges. [Always in Safeways favor] I have to go to the manager to get the refund or credit on my credit card.
    This has been happening for the last year since I first discovered the overcharges a year ago.

    This continued policy by Safeway is dishonest or thievery. I’m sure that I’m not the only one that Safeway is basically stealing from.

  2. When Safeway moved into our Denver neighborhood about 60 or so years ago, my mother and I started shopping there because it was only 2 blocks away from our house. Since then, I have shopped with
    Safeway almost exclusively, except for the 2 years when I lived in St. Louis.
    Most all employees are friendly and go beyond their normal duties to be helpful and courteous. During this pandemic they have gone out of their way to keep the store clean and safe for all of us shoppers, and I do thank then all for that.
    I will continue to shop Safeway for as long as I can.
    Thank you for being there.

  3. I shop at Safeway at least once a week and have been shopping there for many years. I tried to sign up and the reply was you are not listed and I must have been dropped. A password was wanted and it has been years since I signed up and when I check out I use my phone number and I get the discounts if there are any item that I purchase that has a discount, I am given the discount. I use to go on line and see what
    “Just For You” had available, but haven’t done that for awhile and use the coupon that is in the advertisements. I get the discounts on purchasing gas when I spend $100. I enjoy shopping at Safeway,
    The employees are always friendly and I have had in all the years only 2 who was rude, but I paid and left without making a remark. A lot of the cashiers recognize me and call me by my name and if I haven’t been in for a while they ask if I have been ok. Is there a certain day that Seniors get a discount on their purchase? I am a senior(82yrs old) and I am a CSEA Retiree Director, (Calif. School Employees Association) and meet with seniors and give them information of businesses that give Senior’s Discounts. Thank you very much for your time. Sorry I have written so much.
    Faye Lane

    1. Hello Faye. Thank you for your note. So nice to hear from you. The blog in which you landed is SuperSafeway and it’s a personal blog that supports the Safeway Denver Division. As far as re-establishing your Just for U account, I would suggest visiting the Safeway.com customer service site here: https://www.safeway.com/contact-us.html You can also try calling Safeway customer service here: Retail Store/Corporate – 877-723-3929 Regarding Senior discounts – Safeway does not provide senior discounts at this time. I hope this helps. Eva with SuperSafeway

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