Bolthouse Farms BOLTS Juice Shots Just $.25 Each at Safeway


Bolthouse Farms Bolts SHOTS

Plant-powered wellness shots from Bolthouse Farms SHOTS are designed to give you a boost of natural energy, wellness, and immunity.  Each 2 oz shot is made with a blend of fruit and vegetable concentrates including carrot juice, ginger juice, lime juice, and other potent juice extracts that promote health and overall wellness.   See the ingredients in each of the shots below. 

The shots are vegan, gluten-free, have no artificial colors or flavors, and no artificial preservatives.

Try the new  Bolthouse Farms SHOTS today for a fantastic low price of $.25 per bottle.  These are normally $2.99 at Safeway – but they are on sale for just $1.00 through October 6th. 

Pair the sale with a cashback offer from ibotta and you can get 5 bottles for just $.25 each!

The new SHOTS are available in 5 flavors.  I was able to find three at my local Safeway including energy, wellness, and immunity.  


Bolthouse Farms BOLTS Review

I picked up the three flavors of the BOLTS shots at my local Safeway.  These are potent juice shots – don’t be fooled that they are mild juice in a 2 oz bottle. 

They are very strong flavored, slightly tart, or spicy depending on the flavor you select and you feel the shot the whole way down your throat into your stomach.    With 200% daily value of vitamin C, it’s an easy way to get an instant boost for your immunity.  

With just 25 calories, 6 total carbs, 4 grams of sugar they pack a wellness punch!

Bolthouse Farms BOLTS Immunity packs a powerful punch with 200% daily value of vitamin C, as well as echinacea and probiotics. This potent shot will provide an immunity boost, whether as a daily solution or while on the go! 

Ingredients: carrot juice, water, ginger juice, acerola puree concentrate, lemon juice, passion fruit juice concentrate, echinacea powder, and bacillus coagulans GBI-30 6086 (a probiotic).

Bolthouse Farms BOLTS Wellness provides a mix of ingredients that promote overall wellness. With acai and oil of oregano, you will have an intense boost of flavor on the way down. Grab this wellness shot year-round, whether as a daily solution or while on the go!

Ingredients: water, lemon juice, yellow carrot juice concentrate, acai puree, goji juice concentrate, elderberry juice concentrate, blackberry juice concentrate and oil of oregano.

Bolthouse Farms BOLTS Energy provides a quick hit of 100mg of caffeine. Caffeine from coffee fruit extract is combined with berries and earthy tones to go down smoothly. Grab this charge of caffeine each morning, or as a boost while you are on the go!

Ingredients: carrot juice, water, raspberry juice, lime juice, cherry juice concentrate, goji juice concentrate, and coffee fruit extract

Bolthouse Farms BOLTS Metabolism provides a powerful 66mg of cayenne. The spicy hit of cayenne with tomato and green tea extract definitely packs a punch on the way down. Grab this potent shot for your metabolism, whether as a daily solution or while on the go!

Ingredients: carrot juice, water, celery juice, lemon juice, tomato paste, green tea extract, sea sat and cayenne pepper.

Bolthouse Farms BOLTS Digestion packs a powerful punch with 650MM CFU probiotics added during the production process. The apple cider vinegar and ginger provide a strong shot of flavor on the way down. Grab this potent shot for your digestion, whether as a daily solution or while on the go!

Ingredients: water, yellow carrot juice concentrate, apple cider vinegar, ginger juice, bacillus coagulans GBI-30 6086


  • Bolthouse Farm BOLTS on sale for $1.00 through October 13th



You’ll find the BOLTS shots in the produce department in the refrigerated beverage case next to the Bolthouse Farms Smoothies. 



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