Safeway Digital Coupons

With the help of digital coupons, you can save hundreds of dollars every year on your grocery bill, without using a single pair of scissors

What are Safeway Digital Coupons?

Digital coupons at Safeway are available through and through the Safeway mobile app.  Digital coupons are linked to your Safeway Club Card and can be loaded to your account through the app or online. 

Each time you enter your phone number at checkout, the digital coupons are deducted from your total automatically as long as you have “clipped the offer” in the app or on Safeway’s website. 


What do I need to do to load and redeem Digital coupons

As you shop or browse the weekly Safeway ad, you will notice a wide variety of Safeway for U coupon offers. To claim those offers, you’ll need to first download the Safeway app  (or register online) and begin adding the coupons to your shopping list.

Offers are added simply by clicking the deal and selecting the ‘clip deal’.

Confirm your coupons are added by viewing Clipped Deals in the Safeway app or online before starting your shopping trip. 

safeway app home screen

Why is it called Safeway for U?

Safeway Digital coupons are personalized specifically for you and your family.

Each time you use the Safeway App, you are confirming which items your family is most interested in buying. Over time and with regular use, your coupon recommendations will be highly personalized to your needs.

How long does it take for digital coupons to connect to my loyalty card?

If you are connected to the internet at the time the coupon is loaded, coupons will be available immediately. This means you can add coupons as you walk through the store.

How do I know my digital coupon worked?

Savings from Safeway digital coupons will be displayed on your receipt after your transaction is complete. If a coupon did not process, it may mean that you did not properly follow the directions of the purchase (quantity/brand/timing).

Do Safeway digital coupons double?

No, you may not couple the savings of digital coupons. If you have a manufacturer coupon and the digital coupon is not a manufacturer coupon, they may be combined for additional savings.

Looking for additional information about coupons at Safeway and how to get the most out of your shopping trip? Check out our Couponing 101 article!


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* Please note – Savings information is based on Colorado pricing and the Safeway Coupon Policy for the Denver Division which includes Colorado, Nebraska, New Mexico, Wyoming and South Dakota. Your market may vary. Prices may vary per location*

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