Easy Lunch and Healthy Snacking Ideas With Good Culture Cottage Cheese – Just $.69 a Cup at Safeway


Snacking With Good Culture Cottage Cheese

Treat your kiddos to a protein-packed lunch at school with Good Culture Cottage Cheese, now available at Safeway.  Creamy cottage cheese and options with fruit, these delicious protein-packed cottage cheese cups are the answer to what’s for lunch or snack.  Choose from original cottage cheese, or fruit on the bottom strawberry, blueberry, or pineapple.  All are creamy, slightly tangy and the fruit varieties have the perfect sweetness to keep kids and adults happy.

With three times the amount of protein and about half the sugar of yogurt, cottage cheese has always been considered a better-for-you food, but now it’s even better with real food and simple ingredients. According to Good Culture shopper marketing manager, Tanner Smith, “We want to support sustainable farming practices and only get our dairy from pasture-raised cows with full outdoor access to eat grass and play…ya know, as nature intended.”

A perfect breakfast, addition to lunch or snack, Good Culture is high in protein with 16 – 19 grams per serving and low in sugar, which makes it a perfect protein for kids lunches or any time of day without any artificial ingredients or preservatives.

Cottage cheese is also an easy protein add for salads, or to use as a dip with veggies.  Whether you like it sweet or savory, cottage cheese is high in probiotics, so your gut will thank you.

An added benefit of Good Culture cottage cheese is the single serving size available.  No need to scoop cottage cheese out of a large tub and put it into a food storage container – simply take the cup to school or work.  It’s the perfect protein-packed snack on the go!

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Good Culture Cottage Cheese Coupon

Take advantage of a HOT new sale and even hotter new Just for U Digital Coupon to try new Good Culture Cottage Cheese for just $.69 a cup at Safeway August 14th through 20th.  The cottage cheese is regularly $1.99, so you are saving $1.30 per cup, which is 65%!

  • Good Culture Cottage Cheese on sale for $1.25 each cup through August 25th




Cottage Cheese Snacking Ideas:

  • Top a piece of whole-grain toasted bread with cottage cheese, sliced tomato, and avocado for a satisfying meal or snack.
  • Pair with whole-grain crackers or chips and top with grapes, berries, tomatoes, or apple slices for the perfect sweet and savory combo.
  • Add a scoop to your salad or grain bowl for extra protein, calcium, and probiotics to keep you satiated through the day.






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