Get Organic Milk Gallon for just $4.00 and Round-up of all Organic Deals at Safeway

organic milk gallon

Organic Milk Just $4.00 for a Gallon!!

Organic shoppers rejoice!  Organic milk is on super sale at Safeway this week.  Pick up two half gallons on sale for just $2.00 each, which means one gallon of organic milk is just $4.00.  Non-organic milk buyers might think this is expensive, but those of us that regularly buy organic milk know that this is an AWESOME deal!  I love that the organic milk has a much longer expiration date, so I stocked up on organic milk for my kids because this deal is so good and we go through 2 gallons a week!  All varieties of O Organics cow milk are included!  There were some hot deals on O Organics products in this sales cycle and some even hotter deals in the new June Big Book of Savings

  • O Organics Organic Milk 64 oz on sale for $2.00 each through June 5th
    • Buy 2 to get 1 gallon for just $4.00

Round up of organic and natural deals at Safeway:

Through June 5th:

  • Plum Organics Baby Food 3.6 oz. $1.00
  • Amp Organic Energy Drink 12 oz. $1.00
  • O Organics Organic Broth 32 oz. reclosable package $1.49 When you buy 5 participating items, mix and match
  • O Organics Organic Salsa 16 oz. $2.50
  • Open Nature Cage Free Large Brown Eggs 12 ct. $1.99 When you buy 5 participating items, mix and match
  • O Organics Frozen Fruit 10 oz. fruit $2.50
  • O Organics Organic Fruit 15 oz. can $2.00
  • O Organics Organic Ice Cream 1 pint $2.49 When you buy 5 participating items, mix and match
  • Open Nature Scandal-Less Ice Cream, Almond milk or Cashew milk Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert 1 pint $2.49 When you buy 5 participating items, mix and match
  • O Organics 85% Lean Ground Beef 16 oz. $7.99
  • O Organics 85% Lean Ground Beef Patties 16 oz. fresh $7.99
  • O Organics Fresh Whole Chicken $2.69 per lb
  • O Organics Pasta 16 oz. $1.49 When you buy 5 participating items, mix and match

Through July 1st:

Organic Girl Salad Dressings – $2.00 off

Organic Girl Salads – Buy 2, Get 1 Free

Open Nature Greek Yogurt – $.88 each

O Organics Shredded Cheese – $2.50

O Organics BBQ Sauce – $2.99

O Organics Juice Boxes 6 pack, 6 oz – $3.50

O Organics Fruit Snacks and Twists – $3.50

O Organics Frozen Vegetables – $2.50

O Organics Caned Beans – $1.00

O Organics Frozen Pizzas – $5.99

O Organics Kettle Cooked Chips 5 oz – $2.50

O Organics Ice Cream Pint – $3.50

O Organics Balsamic Vinegar of Modena 16.9 oz – $4.99

Open Nature Grain Free Dog Food 4 lbs – $6.99

O Organics Baby Food Jars or Pouches 2.5 – 4 oz  – $1.00

O Organics Beef Jerky 3 oz bag just $3.99 with a new Just for U Digital Coupon

o organics milk sale

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