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Glad Cling Wrap Plastic Food Wrap Sale

Plastic wrap is a kitchen staple that can help keep your food fresh longer by preventing air from getting to the food and drying it out.  Stock up on Glad Plastic Food Wrap, i.e. Cling Wrap with a new sale and coupon stack at Safeway. 


Can you microwave plastic wrap?

The chemicals contained in some plastic wraps (and in some plastic containers) are potentially harmful if the plastic is heated to the point that it melts or burns (at lower temperatures, plastic is essentially inert). To avoid exposure to these chemicals, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration recommends using only wrap and containers that are marked “microwave-safe”—many manufacturers have recently reformulated their products, which now carry this label—and leaving several inches of room between the food and the plastic wrap during cooking.

This advice is particularly important if the food is high in fat or oil since most of the suspect chemicals in plastic are fat (rather than water) soluble.  The Glad Plastic Wrap is made with no BPA chemicals in the plastic and is labeled as microwave-cooking safe. 

Our advice: Use ceramic or glass cookware for microwaving, and instead of plastic wrap, cover food with a paper towel or n overturned microwave-safe bowl or plate.


Regularly priced $2.99 each – you’ll save 50% after the coupon stack.




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