Kilyn’s Kitchen All Natural Family Meals – New at Safeway


Kilyn’s Kitchen All Natural Family Meal Kits 

If dinner time sometimes feels like a chore and you want to make your life a little easier, you have to check out the new Kilyn’s Kitchen All Natural Family Meals, now available at your local Safeway.  These new meal kits come with everything you need to feed a family of four with a complete protein, starch and many include a vegetable.  In under 30 minutes you can have a delicious family meal without slaving over the stove or grill.  All you need is a large pot and water.  Simply boil the meal kits for 25 minutes and dinner is served!

We’ve partnered with Kilyn’s Kitchen to review their new Chicken Fajitas meal kit and share a quick recipe with you.  Let me tell you, my family devoured the chicken fajita meal.  I served with a simple lime sour cream and fresh avocado over toasted tortillas and no one even knew it came from a package.  My husband even asked how I made the rice because it was so flavorful and different from my usual recipe.

Kilyn’s Kitchen is a dream developed in Kilyn’s home kitchen in Colorado Springs. For months, she worked closely with her fellow mom friends, testing family recipes and consulting with food industry leaders to find the perfect balance of delicious, all-natural meals and easy peasy preparation methods.

Kilyn’s Kitchen Family Meal Kits

The new meal kits are available in seven delicious meal options, including chicken fajitas with Spanish rice and roasted peppers, cabin beef goulash, pasta and meatballs, pulled chicken in BBQ Sauce with roasted sweet corn and potatoes, smoked meatloaf with roasted carrots and potatoes, chicken Alfredo, and smoked pulled pork in a BBQ sauce served with seasoned carrots and potatoes.  With all these options, there are a few your family is sure to love!

Kilyn’s Kitchen was created to make daily life a little easier, without sacrificing quality: quality of food and quality of time with your friends and family.  The three-pound, all-natural meals can be purchased from your local Safeway meat department. Retail prices start at $13.99.  There is an exclusive $1.00 off Kilyns Kitchen Family Meals Coupon that you can print right here on SuperSafeway and get the meal kits for just $12.99.  That’s just $3.25 per serving for an all natural homemade meal that you prepare in under 30 minutes!  A fantastic value!

Kilyn's Kitchen Chicken Fajitas Packaging

If your family is into camping, Kilyn’s Kitchen Family Meals are the answer to what’s for dinner while camping!  Simply pack in the cooler and when it’s time for dinner, boil the meal kit for 25 minutes and you’ll have a gourmet, homemade meal in a single pan without worrying about raw chicken, slicing vegetables, pots and pans for all the meal components AND clean up is a cinch!  Simply throw the packaging away when you are done.  These meal kits will definitely be on my family’s camping list the next time we go up to Turquoise Lake!

To prepare a simple lime sour cream, zest a lime and squeeze the lime juice into a bowl of prepared sour cream, stir to mix and if you want, you can add fresh cilantro for a little more flavor.  I’m not a huge cilantro fan, so I left it out, but the sour cream has an amazing flavor to top the fajitas.  I served with fresh avocados topped with sea salt and ground pepper over toasted tortillas and it was a delicious meal!  We also scooped up the leftover rice with tortilla chips and salsa.


Watch a quick video we created to show the ease of preparing the new Kilyn’s Kitchen Family Meals:

Kilyn's Kitchen Safeway


Kilyn's Kitchen Coupon


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4 thoughts on “Kilyn’s Kitchen All Natural Family Meals – New at Safeway”

  1. I just made these, the picture shows a major spread of chicken, our package maybe had 4-5 small pieces enough for one person max, the 1.5 lbs is very misleading, my three boys thought it was all rice and no protein or veggies. Too bad, won’t try this brand again.

  2. Today there was someone representing this brand and there was a decent sale, so I decided to give it a try. I really like that this is a locally run business and will always try to support my local area! Tonight we had the goulash and it was pretty tasty! I don’t cook with salt and found this meal didn’t need any. We topped our bowl with shredded cheese and some sour cream, added some pepper and it was a great meal. We did wish it had a bit more liquid as the goulash we make and have had elsewhere has more of a soup-like consistency. All in all, a great meal. We are looking forward to trying the other meals available and really apppreciated the video and suggested serving! Good luck on this venture; we will definitely be rooting for success and trying more meals.

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