Safeway Coupon Policy Regarding Doubling Coupons

safeway coupon policy

Safeway Coupon Policy

We’ve received numerous emails and notices on the SuperSafeway Facebook page about Safeway possibly changing their coupon policy to stop doubling coupons.  There have apparently been issues at a few local stores with a new system that has been installed that is not doubling coupons.

There has been no change to the policy.  

ALL  Denver Division stores double coupons up to $1.00 unless the coupon states “do not double”.  GOOD NEWS!

Here is the official response from Safeway:

“Our Colorado stores are undergoing systems upgrades, and it was brought to our attention that at a couple of stores, coupons weren’t automatically doubling as they had previously. We’ve made the vendor aware of this issue, and they’re working to correct it as quickly as possible. If a customer notes on their receipt that a coupon hasn’t automatically doubled, they can return to their local store where we will issue a refund, within our coupon guidelines. If there are changes that impact how our stores handle coupons, we will make every effort to communicate those changes to customers in advance.”

Kristine J. Staaf

Director of Public Affairs/Government Relations

Denver Division   

If you ever have any questions about Safeway’s coupon policy, you can read it here: Safeway Coupon Policy.

Now that this is cleared up – let’s get some deal shopping done!  See the best deals at Safeway in our weekly coupon match-up post here.

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4 thoughts on “Safeway Coupon Policy Regarding Doubling Coupons”

  1. The Safeway stores I shop at do double coupons and told me they plan to continuing it. I live on the Denver/Aurora border. I love shopping at Safeway and it is very close to my house. They are my favorite store. The manager did tell me they would correct any coupons that did not double. I have noticed that some of my coupons have not doubled but most of the checkers catch it and double the coupon. I have really started to pay attention when they scan coupons to make sure they double because it has not always been automatic. So far my shopping trips have gone well. I have found I am making more frequent smaller trips so I can keep track of my coupons. I find my checkout goes much quicker this way and I don’t hold up the line. Sorry to hear that all Safeway stores do not double.

  2. NONE of the Safeways anywhere near me has doubled coupons in decades! So thank you for even vaguely acknowledging that. Irritating to constantly read your site hyping the great “doubling” savings when that is NOT an option for many of us. It is not a “couple of stores” that don’t double – I know of only one that ever doubled coupons as a regular policy and they haven’t done it for several years. It would be great if you would publish a list of just which Safeway stores DO double! I would love to go to them! From my experience, it would be a much shorter list than of those who DON’T double. I live in the Capitol Hill area, by the way. Are all the stores that double way out in the suburbs?

    1. Lynn, when I lived down in Denver a couple of years ago my home store was the location off of 1st St., next to Cherry Creek Mall. They doubled coupons. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve been to that location, so I’d call before heading in to double check. Hope that helps!

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