How to Use Safeway Grocery Rewards Program – Earn Cash, Gas, and Free Groceries

Safeway Grocery Rewards Program Overview

Safeway Rewards Program

Safeway has launched a new Grocery Rewards program through its Safeway for U platform

The new rewards program allows you to earn reward points to use towards free groceries and cash discounts. 

You can still use the rewards points for savings on gas, but if you do not have a Safeway fuel center nearby, then the grocery rewards program will be a better option for you to shop and save at Safeway. 

Similar to the gas rewards program, for every 100 points you earn, you get 1 Grocery Reward that can be redeemed for free groceries or cash off offers. 

$1 = 1 point, so for every $100, you get 100 points, which = 1 Grocery Reward. 

There are also times when Safeway has 2x and 4x rewards points promotions and offers, so it’s easy for the points to accumulate quickly! 

Be sure to check your Safeway for U account under Rewards on the website or Member in the app for your personal rewards.

How does Safeway Rewards Program Work?

Safeway Grocery Rewards Program



How to Use Safeway Rewards

If you are already a Safeway for U user, you don’t have to do anything but view your rewards. 

  1. Sign in to your account on the Safeway app or through the Safeway website.
  2. Go to the Rewards icon on the website, or view your rewards through the Member tab in the app to see how many points you have and how many rewards you have available.
  3. View the list of rewards available and add the reward offer(s) to your account.  Once added, a reward cannot be removed. 
  4. Pick up your item in-store and enter your phone number at checkout so that your reward comes off the transaction.

Rewards expire at the end of each month, so be sure to use the reward points in the given month before they expire.   

The app and website tell you how many points you have,  the number of rewards, and how many points are needed until your next reward. 


Check out some of the rewards available for 1 Grocery Reward


The more points you earn, the greater the value of the grocery rewards.  For example, if you have 7 rewards, you can get $10 off your next purchase.

Be sure to check under Rewards for your extra personalized reward point offers to rack up the points quickly!


If you prefer to continue using your points for Safeway gas rewards, you can do that too – it’s your choice how you want to earn and save!



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28 thoughts on “How to Use Safeway Grocery Rewards Program – Earn Cash, Gas, and Free Groceries”

  1. Unclear. I don’t have an app, but still accumulate points as a card member. How do I get benefits from monthly Safeway points, when I don’y use them for gas?

    1. Hi Foster, you can use the Safeway rewards online at to earn free groceries and dollars off your transactions. Login to your Safeway for U account on, navigate to Safeway for U, and click on Rewards on the left. You will see your reward points balance, plus available rewards for free groceries and dollars off. Click the red text box to “add the Reward” to your account and the next time you shop, the item will be deducted from your total on your receipt. Let me know if you still have questios.

  2. So, if you earn a reward on the last day of the month and you don’t use it that day, it goes away the next day when a new month starts? I believe they used to last 30 days. This just happened to me, Leaves a bad taste in my mouth and one more reason to skip Safeway when shopping.

    1. You need to load the offers before the end of the month, then you have a week to use them. Unless you sign up for the FreshPass program, then the rewards go away if you don’t use the each month.

  3. miklaus T schnabel

    So if someone uses my number (associated w/ my Safeway account) to get gas, and “uses” the points, that means it takes away from my grocery reward points? trying to figure out how my points are randomly disappearing, if a family member is using them all up.

  4. Kinda of a flawed system if we can’t unclip a mistake. Now we don’t have the ability to use rewards we rightfully earned.

    1. I agree with Felicia, I accidently touched the clip box on an item that I never get (apple Juice – Sor also known as sugar Juice) I always use my points for gas. There should be a way to remove that clipped item from your rewards. Also, navigating around in the app is poor at best. That is how I accidently clipped something I do not want. Best thing is not use the app and just get the instore special deals by scanning the barcode.

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