Safeway Monopoly Game 2/3 – 5/3: Win Cash, Cars & More

Safeway monopoly game

2016 Safeway Monopoly Shop, Play, Win! Game

Safeway just launched a new Monopoly Shop, Play, Win game that runs February 3rd through May 3rd.  This is a popular game that was brought to Safeway from Albertsons as a result of the merger.   The game is also in effect at Albertsons locations with the same board and game pieces.

See the 2017 Safeway Monopoly Game Details here.

How does it work:

1.  Pick up a Monopoly Game Board at your local Safeway store.

2.  Every time you shop at Safeway, you get a game ticket.  You will also get an additional “bonus” game tickets by purchasing specially tagged products. Inside the game tickets, you will find 4 game markers, and either a Special Discount Offer, Online Game Code, Instant Win Prize or 2 free Game Tickets Coupons.

3.  Stick the tickets to the Monopoly board to win great prizes. Or, play online with the online game tickets.

Certain game pieces will have a online game code which is a 12 alpha-numeric code that you will be able to enter online at

Here are the prizes.  You have a chance to win up to $165 million in prizes:  There are instant win pieces to look for as well as coupons that can be redeemed at Safeway stores.

  • $1,000,000 Cash (3 Available Prizes)
  • $500,000 Vacation Home (3 Available Prizes)
  • $100,000 Cash or Luxury Car (15 Available Prizes)
  • $50,000 Home Makeover (25 Available Prizes)
  • $35,000 Vehicle of your choice (25 Available Prizes)
  • $20,000 College Tuition (40 Available Prizes)
  • $10,000 Jet Ski (50 Available Prizes)
  • $10,000 Family Vacation (50 Available Prizes)
  • $5,000 Groceries (50 Available Prizes)
  • $5,000 Cash (50 Available Prizes)
  • $2,500 Big Joe Grill & Groceries (75 Available Prizes)
  • $1,500 LED HD TV (75 Available Prizes)
  • $1,000 Cash (100 Available Prizes)
  • $1,000 Grocery Gift Card (100 Available Prizes)
  • $1,000 Weekend Getaway (100 Available Prizes)
  • $500 Spa Treatment (350 Available Prizes)
  • $200 Family Picnic (750 Available Prizes)
  • $200 Cash (750 Available Prizes)
  • $100 Cash (1,500 Available Prizes)
  • $100 Grocery Gift Card (1,500 Available Prizes)
  • $78 Redbox Movies for a Year (1,750 Available Prizes)
  • $50 Grocery Gift Card (5,000 Available Prizes)
  • $25 Cash (10,000 Available Prizes)
  • $25 Grocery Gift Card (10,000 Available Prizes)
  • $25 Gift Card Mall(10,000 Available Prizes)
  • $15 Grocery Gift Card (15,000 Available Prizes)
  • $10 Grocery Gift Card (35,000 Available Prizes)
  • $5 Grocery Gift Card (200,000 Available Prizes)

Here is the front side of the Monopoly game board.  There is also a back side:

monopoly board game

I suggest if you have kids 8 and older that you get them involved in sticking the tickets to the board because it can be time consuming, but fun also for them!

Good luck!  Let us know if you win anything!

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106 thoughts on “Safeway Monopoly Game 2/3 – 5/3: Win Cash, Cars & More”

  1. Each and every ticket I’ve gotten so far has been nothing but ****** duplicates. My board is almost full and I can’t even win $5.00. Someone gave me all their tickets about 20, which meant I had 80 individual pieces. Imagine my irritation when I found each and every single one was a duplicate!!

  2. I have recieved a free shutterly reusable shopping bag. For one….not sure what this is but would love to get it if i could, and two, i looked on shutterfly and cannot find an area to redeem my prize!!! What do i do?

  3. I’m at a loss to understand what or how the Nickalonian (spel?) and Fandango systems work. If I clik on the little boxes on the history page should something happen? Is the “Cross the River” the reward for the Nickalonian game? What do you do with the 2nd number that appears? Will I get some way to replay the games later when the children are visiting?
    Please explain.

  4. I “won” a Shutterfly Reusable Shopping Bag in Safeway Monopoly. I went on the Shutterfly website, and cannot find out how to claim my prize. I have entered the proper code but nowhere can I see how to collect my prize. I am wondering if this isn’t a scam. Does anyone have experience in collecting this prize?

  5. Safeway add and Monopoly game sheet say NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO PLAY OR WIN. I was in the store for another reason thought I d pick up a game piece. Was told I had to buy something to get a game piece, clerk said he d get fired if he gave out a game piece with out a purchase, So much for NO PURCHASE NECESSARY,

  6. Jacalyn Foxhoven

    I want to go on record anywhere I can how disappointed I am with this game. I have 9 people in my immediate family and spend way more than the average family on groceries. Safeway lists the codes in your account and the odds of winning on this game are not the slightest bit my experience. I had hundreds of online codes and would go 50+ entries before ANY win and when I did the most I ever won was 2 additional bonus pieces. I have 250+ instant winner tickets of 2 bonus tickets that I was waiting to turn in and when I went in the other day prior to the May 3rd date they were out. My board was down to 1 missing piece in each category. I am a perfect example of someone who spent thousands of dollars in groceries and never won more than a bonus ticket. Sour grapes my foot — complete fraud.

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