Snip20150414_1If you haven’t heard of SavingStar before, now is the time to amp up your savings! Here’s how it works. There aren’t any coupon to clip or print. It’s all paperless!

  1. Select the stores that you shop.
  2. At some stores you can register your rewards card. Other’s you will track your purchases with your receipts.
  3. For stores that have rewards cards, you simply add offers to your card. When you go to the store you simply use your card like normal and savings will add up in your Savingstar account.
  4. For stores that don’t have rewards cards you just scan your receipt, and again savings will add into your Savingstar account.
  5. Once you hit $5 in your account you can then cash out via direct deposit to your bank account or into your paypal account.

Simple, simple right? Pretty much!

There are a few different ways to save with SavingStar! They have straight forward deals like:


Where you simply save an X amount if you buy the certain product. Then they have deals like One or Many that look like this:


These are a little confusing. What the “One or Many” refers to is you can buy the products in just one trip or you can space them out and buy them in many different trips. This is great because it allows you to use coupons with restrictions but still be able to score the great deal through SavingStar.

If you haven’t signed up yet, head over to and sign up for a free account! We will try to blog about the deals as we see them coming through SuperSafeway.

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